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Happiness in your Eyes

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Let me have the privilege of being
The crescent share of the cookie
While you be the gibbous half of the
Same moon you so dearly adore.

I look into your eyes and
The ocean inhales me in
Along with the handmaiden waves.
Your name I’d sing to the world
For the paradise I witnessed in your arms
While you embraced my lows.

Your eyes bring home tales of our firsts.
The first peck,
The first snuggle,
Our first holding close of hands,
Swinging our hold as we walked around,
The first cupping of your face in my gowpen,
The first of your head resting on my shoulder,
The firsts of not letting go,
The first of persuasions,
The first of wiping away the heaviness,
The first stalk of rose,
The first of paper stars,
The first confession,
The final salaam.

And I just wish to keep gazing
Into those stunning eyes with amazement
While you stand incapacitated in my arms
Sprucing up my azure
Too weak to let go of me
So close I could almost drown.

No eyes have I ever come across that can
Make me not think of the pearls I found in yours’.
And nursing the cityscape in your eyes
With the stroke of my thumb
For, in them I seek myself.

In your eyes I see the entire world.
Your people. Flatmates. The best of buddies.
Stiff-necked venders. Food. Ambition.
Fear of dogs.
The double-dealers. The phoney. Audi.
Old friends. The elderly. The troublemakers.

Your eyes are home to all.
Beyond doubt.
Just Everyone.
But me.

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