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A Grey Child

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

A June was born between
December and January
And I named it Darkness.
We had a nasty fight over it
For she was rather well off
Without it if not for naming it Denial.
But denial, as you know,
Would be too sinister a name for anyone
To make them forget their world
Out of love.

We didn't talk to each other for days.

Years passed
And Denial grew up into a lively golden forest.
Her words we Herculean,
Promising enough to win over the hearts.
Such beauty, such grace
Oh how I tell you
That she looked looked like
An incarnation of the Night Deity.

Quite too often
I felt she was putting in way too hard
Into being someone she wasn't.

You cannot really change who you are
And it made me happy
Seeing her in silence all by herself.
In her I saw who I have always been.
Both, retreating and wild but sane enough to tell
That you cannot run away from
What lurks inside of you.
She was the heart of a monsoon cloud,
The returning home of trooper,
A burning star,
Sugar crystal merrily shone.
She was the warm hug of parting lovers,
The final goodbye kiss.

Then one fine day
When she found her skies falling
Too deep into the horizon
She said
She felt darkness birthing inside of her.