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This is how you lose

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

When I was a kid, my mom
used to say, "Son! Addictions are bad."
And as I grew up, everything that
happened to me proved how wrong she was.
Addictions aren't bad. They're devastating.
And it’s sad how something so endearing
can prove dire at times.

Sometimes I wonder if it would really matter,
even in the minimal of ways,
if I’m no longer there in your life.
Your cornflakes would still taste the same
and your ambitions, the priority as always.
For the initial few days, you might call up
home over and over to fill up the void; or maybe
call not so often only to avoid the uneasiness.
In no time, you'd forget I ever existed.
You’d still dance to the beat of your heart,
earthquakes would still freak you out and
your laughter would still manage to enlighten the world.
It’s just that now there won't be someone
to see you off on Fridays.

Maybe that’s what happens when good people part ways.
One lets go, moving forward in uncertainty
While the other’s heart beats only at
the fork where paths once diverged.
Too weak to take the other way
Too conceited to follow your steps
He keeps waiting for you to come back, hold
his hand and take away with you.
And that's exactly where he loses you.

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