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A play of dreams

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

At 2 am, I saw you for the very first time
At Brooklyn’s in one of my dreams.
By 3 am, we were talking of dandelions, cocoa and books
Over red velvety loaf of bread.
Later that night, I woke up to a whisper in my ear
And I thought you’d never get a chance to complete your venture story.
At 4:07 sharp, while the going was good,
We kissed goodbyes in a yet another dream
And I woke up in disbelief to
Such phenomenal a stroke of luck
But this time you won’t return. I was so sure.
Before I found myself down on my knees
A stunning you standing right in front of me, taken aback
By the ring in my hand.
But dreams are a tall tale and I pulled myself back
Before I was drawn too far away in its pleasances.
At 7, I saw you in the mirror
While running razor against my stubble.
I stargazed you in my bowl of cornflakes,
Waldorf salad, beaten eggs, in the nightfall of
My closed eyes, and a dozen other things by 9.

Today, I left early for office just with a hope to
Finally get rid of a face I’d never seen in my life.
But that’s what they say about dreams
That they are an illusion of the soul and mind,
Solacing though, but a fool’s figment of imagination
And I made sure to keep my distance this time.

By 10, we were sitting across a round table in FC
Living my dream.

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  1. to understand it ...encapsule the things .....awesome one