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Je t’aime / Two fireflies

Friday, January 20, 2017

I look into your eyes
And see a world full of love
In your eyes I see lush green fields
And a log cabin in the wide open
country; Amid mustard greens
You rambling, sprinkling life upon the yields
A river running not too far away
Outlined by a grove of autumn-stricken trees.

On nights when the paradise brims over
We'd sit by the foggy window
You in my arms, draped in blanket
The likeness of your smile on the
Pane of glass you just wiped with your sleeves
While our happy-silence acknowledges
The worthwhileness of the moment.
I'd close my eyes to your cold breath on my neck
My grip would grow tight
Until you finally melt in my arms and feel at home tonight.

The happiness in the house
Will beat out all the sparks of heaven
As we tap to the beat of raindrops on the windowpane
When lit your golden face in dim candle light.
Your chuckle filling up the gap 'tween two thunders
Would make even the thunder gods
Go into hiding
And lost am I, and awed,
Most blessed, and madly, deeply and
Wholly in love
Looking into your eyes to a thought of
How comely the Shrine of my life is.

Like a firefly we'd walk along the banks of Bhakhra
Your hands safely placed in mine
Swinging our arms, with our dreams seated upon,
Intensifying the luminance of each other
With a touch, a hug, a kiss
Or a mere presence.
And as the sky gets clear
And the first crepuscular ray of light falls upon us
Lighting up the small world of ours
We’d merge into oneness
And all that will remain is you
Where I’d be your heart
Keeping you alive for ever and ever
Coz you are more myself than I'll ever be
Coz you are the pivot the world balances on
And coz this is the reason I ever existed.