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The Universe of my Belonging

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A tender crag
So wished the ebon blanket he’d embrace.
The burden would be such that
The essence of my misery
Would twinkle on the surface
Betwixt its crisps and creases
And composure I’d attain
As my fingertips indent
The inmost core of the universe.
My universe.
The one you and I once lay under
But now it’s just the universe and I.
Ebon blanket and I.

I rushed to the balcony
To get some air for my deprived lungs
Where my eyes fell upon a land so dead
It had the vileness of tar.
And I realized the solitariness of universe
Wasn’t just confined to me
But every path that leads one to
A destination.
And away.

For every cold puppet that casts a shadow
So will you and I
Not the darkness of solace or tar
But the luminosity of you and me.
And the mere thought would,
Naturally, shine brighter than anything
We ever could be
For you are the universe of my belonging
Too far yet too close
Being loved like the only thing
To have ever indwelt between
My ebon blanket and me.