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10/10/2015 3:20 AM

Thursday, January 7, 2016

That’s how I loved thee
With snowflakes clinging off the corner of your eyes
With me cold and shivering
And with heavens scripting green ties
It was you and me
And Crickets celebrated life
Our breathing itself was our 'always'
That no OKAY could supersede

When magic surrounded us like a graceful bubble
With moonlight showers, the surface aglow
That’s when you and I sprouted buds
That’s when I named you “World of Tomorrow”
And that’s how I loved thee
Where you basking glory and I, your laugh
Is one more reason that I love you

The feel was different, so were the airs
Our hands from at a distance
Were aware of the force that adheres
I wasn’t me, you weren’t you
Your breath faster than mine
But we were 'Us' altogether

In the silence of the night
In the arms of the nature
We tapped to the sound of our beats
With our breaths flowing in harmony now
And I kept looking at you
Wondering how beautiful life could be
But neither did I wish for a golden dawn
Nor was the night ready for another intruder
All I wanted was the time to stop
And the night to last forever