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The Wrong Turn

Sunday, October 18, 2015

You'll walk away
Become someone’s new chapter
Or complete the unfinished one
Eventually, catch Alzheimers
Lose your memories
Forget all your happy hearts
And probably your priorities as well
But what I can assure you of is that
One day you'll come back
Back to the very same spot
Our paths diverged over
Thinking of merging two infinities,
Both half lived,
When our tomorrow was just a turn away.

But let me tell you of what
You'd need to know then
The path with footsteps that returned back
Will be the one you chose ages ago
While the one with rhetoric
Hollies, lilacs and maples
Will be what I never was destined for
But had to.

To the passersby, the path might
Seem something as close to perfection
As the one Adam and Eve once traversed upon
But trust me on this
That it would be the creepiest,
Bouldered and the most horrific path
To those who step over it.
A path painted with the colors of
Resentment, humiliation and self-pity
A path none ever reached their destination with.

But I'd be happy for you
I'd probably be a statuesque tree, A signboard inclined towards the right
Or even a dead rock over the berm
Looking over you from a distance
But you still won't recognise me
For the priorities that always took over.

Message in the bottle: Its just a poem. Don't catch Alzheimers please 😆