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Friday, October 16, 2015

I just had this uncertainty in my mind
Ever since I met you
With a hope that you'd answer it someday
And maybe the day is today
That I'd been waiting for all long.

Would you, without doubting even once,
Close your eyes and step off the cliff
Or would you stab yourself over and over again
If that's what would bring me happiness?
Would you do that for me?

Oh! Hard, is it?
Yeah. I can understand.
Lets make it simple.
Can you live just because I want you to?
Even simpler? Alright.
Do you love me?
Trust me, I couldn't have been any more to-the-point.
And all I see is your gaze fixed to the ground
But believe me darling,
Love isn't an autumn foliage
You'd find lingering on the grounds.
It has its own ways and mights.

Anyways, let's put it this way
Does my presence makes you feel gay?
Do you feel alive seeing me happy
Everytime I find my reflection in your eyes?
Or does it count as
A yet another minute passed?
Still elusive? Really?
You got to open up girl
You got to clear away the clouds today.

Okay, let's try it one last time
But this time, do let me know what you think.
Would you, unafraid of its unravel,
Share a single thread of your favourite holiday sweater
If love was winters
And if the sweater was last of its survivors?
Or would you just refuse to recognise (me)?
Okay. Fine. I'll help you out.
All you got to tell me is this-

I know you are scared
I know you are afraid to step outside your safe-haven
I know your pulse goes faster
And I know you are not a sharer.
But did you realise your grip
Over my hand getting tense/tighter
All through this time
When all I was doing was
Showing you what you really feel?

Or was it just me?
Just me.