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Home is where the Family is

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

WARNING: The first paragraph contains content that may have defeatist infections on the thinking capabilities of your brain. Kindly continue at your own risk!!!

They say happiness is a myth.
I totally agree with it. Because no one really belongs to anyone else and you are meant to be sad all your lives no matter how hard you try. One day you overlook your dearest sleep, putting in all your efforts to stay close to someone who matters to you and the other day you are warned to keep distances just because they are scared of what you feel for them. What to do now? I’ll tell you. Take a pen, an old notebook with pages turned yellow and a patch of coffee you spilled over a decade ago, a bottle of your favorite whiskey and then start bleeding blue.

But guess what, you already wasted a precious happy-minute of your life reading that! Now don’t blame me. I warned you already.
All I want to say is that the earth has abundance of happy-packets for those who really want to and for as long as the life lasts. And you don’t even need to wander around in search of it. Just love everything your eyes have the competency to see and not, likewise. The good, the bad, the big, the small, the lovable and the odious.

It was the day when final selections were to be made; me waiting for ‘THE SELECTS’ list to be hung up at the notice board. My friends standing outside, waiting for the list of candidates chosen for Infosys, that could appear just any moment. Between us an invisible wall stood conceited. While I never thought I was worth it, they always were sure of it. And the moment they realized that the stars have ultimately stood in my favor, they came rushing to commemorate my achievement. They lifted me in the air for they now had a reason to grab another treat from me. Not so benevolent. But I was happy.
I called up my dad. Believe me, sounding off was never so difficult earlier. Not because I was happy. But because I knew, to him, it would mean a lot more than it does to me and I was more than excited by just imagining what his reaction was going to be.

Don’t wait for your favorite season to be happy. Be the season you always wanted to be. Live, laugh, love as much as you can. And be the person you could have always trusted with closed eyes. Spend as much time with your dear ones as you would have if being paid 10 bucks an hour just to sit by their side. Realize that they are the best things that will ever happen to you. Neither a healthy beard, nor an appealing physique, but this. The memories you create.

Take them to a picnic close by a lake or an outing to the local zoo or even the countryside. Just anywhere close to nature. Because Home is people. Not a place. If you go back there after the people are gone, then all you can see is what is not there anymore.
Your laughter is the beat of nature. Let it breathe. This is what happiness is, my friend. This is real togetherness.

The darkness may keep stretching
The skies may fall
The mountains may start howling
For what shall befall
But this time do not stop me
No matter how far to roam
I have finally made up my mind
For I’m going home

-Arish Dhawan