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Home is where the Family is

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

WARNING: The first paragraph contains content that may have defeatist infections on the thinking capabilities of your brain. Kindly continue at your own risk!!!

They say happiness is a myth.
I totally agree with it. Because no one really belongs to anyone else and you are meant to be sad all your lives no matter how hard you try. One day you overlook your dearest sleep, putting in all your efforts to stay close to someone who matters to you and the other day you are warned to keep distances just because they are scared of what you feel for them. What to do now? I’ll tell you. Take a pen, an old notebook with pages turned yellow and a patch of coffee you spilled over a decade ago, a bottle of your favorite whiskey and then start bleeding blue.

But guess what, you already wasted a precious happy-minute of your life reading that! Now don’t blame me. I warned you already.

The Wrong Turn

Sunday, October 18, 2015

You'll walk away
Become someone’s new chapter
Or complete the unfinished one
Eventually, catch Alzheimers
Lose your memories
Forget all your happy hearts
And probably your priorities as well
But what I can assure you of is that
One day you'll come back
Back to the very same spot
Our paths diverged over
Thinking of merging two infinities,
Both half lived,
When our tomorrow was just a turn away.

But let me tell you of what
You'd need to know then
The path with footsteps that returned back
Will be the one you chose ages ago
While the one with rhetoric
Hollies, lilacs and maples
Will be what I never was destined for
But had to.

To the passersby, the path might
Seem something as close to perfection
As the one Adam and Eve once traversed upon
But trust me on this
That it would be the creepiest,
Bouldered and the most horrific path
To those who step over it.
A path painted with the colors of
Resentment, humiliation and self-pity
A path none ever reached their destination with.

But I'd be happy for you
I'd probably be a statuesque tree, A signboard inclined towards the right
Or even a dead rock over the berm
Looking over you from a distance
But you still won't recognise me
For the priorities that always took over.

Message in the bottle: Its just a poem. Don't catch Alzheimers please 😆


Friday, October 16, 2015

I just had this uncertainty in my mind
Ever since I met you
With a hope that you'd answer it someday
And maybe the day is today
That I'd been waiting for all long.

Would you, without doubting even once,
Close your eyes and step off the cliff
Or would you stab yourself over and over again
If that's what would bring me happiness?
Would you do that for me?

Oh! Hard, is it?
Yeah. I can understand.
Lets make it simple.
Can you live just because I want you to?
Even simpler? Alright.
Do you love me?
Trust me, I couldn't have been any more to-the-point.
And all I see is your gaze fixed to the ground
But believe me darling,
Love isn't an autumn foliage
You'd find lingering on the grounds.
It has its own ways and mights.

Anyways, let's put it this way
Does my presence makes you feel gay?
Do you feel alive seeing me happy
Everytime I find my reflection in your eyes?
Or does it count as
A yet another minute passed?
Still elusive? Really?
You got to open up girl
You got to clear away the clouds today.

Okay, let's try it one last time
But this time, do let me know what you think.
Would you, unafraid of its unravel,
Share a single thread of your favourite holiday sweater
If love was winters
And if the sweater was last of its survivors?
Or would you just refuse to recognise (me)?
Okay. Fine. I'll help you out.
All you got to tell me is this-

I know you are scared
I know you are afraid to step outside your safe-haven
I know your pulse goes faster
And I know you are not a sharer.
But did you realise your grip
Over my hand getting tense/tighter
All through this time
When all I was doing was
Showing you what you really feel?

Or was it just me?
Just me.