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Ramblings #NaPoWriMo #Day4

Monday, April 6, 2015

My A-poem-a-day plan was interrupted by an exam that didnt go well so Im back again to doing what I never was so-good at.
Do read this one if you preferred someone to your own felicity. If you loved someone sufficient enough to let them go with all your heart begging her to stay but your eyes were red of effeteness.

Quite often
I feel like giving my life
A yet another
That maybe
Life breathes in
More oxygen
Than the body itself
And so I need to walk around
More often
Just to stay awake
That maybe
Was the answer to
All our arguments
That could have ended at
The blink of an eye
If only
I preferred weed
Over you.

You never could be
The best thing to have ever
Happened to me
Of all these years
- Or shall I say
Notebooks -
Of all these notebooks
Mostly filled with
Lines opposing each other
Right along
The one left black
Had always been my
Favorite pet
For it arose within me
A hope
A promise comprising you
And me
And still addictive enough
To make me fill it
Will the parallel lines
We always hated
But could never avoid
For your obsession to
The things that reflected you
(More than my eyes).

Of all the things
That ever happened to me
Trading off my heart
For a mere thought
An illusion
A blur image amongst
Smoke and drags
I often see bubbling up
Against the walls
That never fail
To tell me that I
Have been puffing all night long
Penning stillness
At what they call the devil's hour
Was what could make me
Sell all my desires
Of witnessing a skyline
With you by my side
Hand in hand
Growing older to
What could have served
The cover page
Of our lives
With an ending
We never wished to stimulate
For deep inside
We always knew how abominable
It was going to be
Not for you
But me
Not for the readers who
Will buy it in pre orders
But me.

But nights were meant to be darker
Just like devotees were
Meant to praise the beetleweeds
Stars were meant to be watchful
While moon was meant to yearn
For the sun that always burns
All for some unexplored reasons.

But for me
It has been you
Always and forever
Like the failure of a
De-addition center
To the desire of
Folding your eyes
For the one you never saw
Or heard from
In years
Remembering the last
Days of our togetherness
When all you wished was
That never opposed
The existence of
A yet another entangled
Between the two

I know this verse will persist in
As long as I feel
But sometimes
The real pleasures of life
Are in things that incinerate you
Unto the core of your heart
No matter what.

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