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Out of Empathy

Friday, April 10, 2015

Every time we come across a beggar on the road, especially the kid with flowing nose carrying a sack on his back, the first thought that arises in our mind is the failure of numerous policies by the government at the hands of poverty and lack of education. While some are privileged enough to get their education from top schools and colleges, there are others who are made to trade off their innocence for the sake of a one-time supper.

You may be startled to hear that around 39% of the world’s illiterate adult population (287 million) belongs to India. The stats are disgraceful. But what’s even shocking is that it sums up to 4 times the total population of France. As per the India4India survey, illiteracy is one of the biggest challenges facing our nation today. Just imagine what could have happened if the stats were not so shameful, when India already has such a huge share of renowned engineers, doctors and scientists in the best global organisations.

Here is a story from Varanasi, a well known city of Uttar Pradesh. Being one of the oldest cities of the world, Varanasi is rich in culture, tradition and history. But as they say that the lowly happenings often die a secret is all set to be true.

At the banks of what they call Ma Ganga, an unusual life prevails. Here, kids of all age groups can be seen indulging themselves into illicit trades and activities, in turn wasting what could have been an admired future.

But no matter where you go, goodness will surely follow you in some form or the other. To help these children, an NGO named Guria, under the leadership of Ajeet Singh, started a novel and innovative ‘boat school’ where these children spend two hours after their regular school day and study, play or revise without any pressures or tensions. The time that was earlier wasted in wrambling around is now invested into making a better future.
Learn more about the initiative at DORIGHT.

Despite its unusual conditions, the boat school has managed to keep children away from roads, engaged into studies and other improvement activities. But the boat school still has a lot more potential and further enhancements can be made. What this boat school really needs is a magical transformation. A magic that can make these children love studies.

How can you help?

Your contribution and support can give the children of the ganga the learning environment they deserve with a little more makeovers. So don't forget to make your contributions towards this harbour of learning for a little donation won't harm you, but it can change someone’s life forever. #Journey of Doing Right #ScholarShip Varanasi boat school #Magical transformation #Ideal learning environment #Do Right
An initiative by TATA CAPITAL

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