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Identity Crisis #NaPoWriMo #Day6

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Dear Flamingo,

I know I have been mailing you for the past 7 years
Each year, the same day, the same reason
For the day you salvaged me from my own beliefs
And everything I’m, I owe it to you

Grossed out by the way I was looked down upon
By the ones who tallied somewhat my own reflection
And dejection made each breath go heavier than the last
When I found my similitude at the unexpected
I was ugly – they said – I was unlike them

Imagining myself as being not-so-well-favored
But still an idol to his kids who imitated their dad
And tho' it sometimes brought me happiness
At other times, it burned the insides of me
Blackening – with its heat – the sidewalls of my heart

But you – being distinct – felt more alike
Than anyone else in the entire beingness
I was short – with ugly dark feet and suntanned body
While your legs were taller than the whole of me
And you were prettily pink all over
But we looked alike – you said – and that made me gay

Such is the therapeutic power of compassion
To plant happiness even in the most sterile of lands
Without expecting the yields turn in your favor
Because over the years I have realized
That there is nothing more dreadful as the loss of identity

The ugly-footed Duck

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