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Angel of the Dark #NaPoWriMo #Day2

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Moving across the woods, caped along a hoody
Elegant enough to seize passersby therein
But still playful for her intents weren’t all that easy to perceive
Fair though she had been but an eternity of sorcery she was
Amongst the wolfs, she couldn’t have looked better

She was all-powerful like the blue blood of crepuscules
More sinful than the full moon charm in airs around
And the wicked curve adorning her face
Oh man, she definitely was up to something vicious
While her veins glittered blue in the not-so silvery moon

But whatsoever she was – she was real
For showered within was an ignition of golddust and lies
An equinox of romance, ink, confetti and stuff
Unleashing her own myths and burning them to what could have been
The birth of a new nightmare or an ever desired fantasy

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