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Misplaced #NaPoWriMo #Day3

Friday, April 3, 2015

And all that we deserved
In conquest of the forbidden fruit
Was but a knavery
A lie of belonging to the canvas half painted
With more spillovers than refined scribbles
Entwined – between us
Togetherness wouldn’t have worked out
So well as did the flavor of separation
For that’s what we deserved
Parenting the yeast of agony
That cloaked our love like it never was
And we went oblivious onto each other
Just like lonesomeness does to the stagnated ship
Caged into the antique beer bottle
Amongst the black holes
Of things that never should have mattered
Compared to the lure of our salad-days
For life isn’t a treasury of miracles
And neither were we the capsules of
What it needs to be
The opposite poles of the same magnet
With backs (still) supporting each other.

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