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The Perpetual Creator

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Ever since its first birthday, this planet has seen knavery, bloodshed and cruelty. Killing others for food, self-defense and even blood-sports. Perhaps, life wasn’t so easy amidst the mashup. Going forth, leaving no stone unturned in search of food, hunting like falcons, getting back safely and at times, getting traced. What would a pigeon surrounded by cats do? Being amongst flesh-eaters won’t make one a compassionate being. If that higher-up image would have had enlightened his so-called children that beasts too feel the pain just like we humans do, maybe, just maybe, we would have respected life a little more.

Lately there has been a news of beef being banned in Maharashtra and the entire social media was like “Hell no! We’d starve to death now”. But as they say, “There’s nothing wrong with the world”, for God himself is responsible for its present condition.

So the first thing I’d do as god is to make every person short lived, just like the dreams of today’s world. Also, they’d be well aware of the time they are going to die. And they’d even have a deed-indicator attached to their foreheads, flashing the rating of their deeds just so they may furbish up their quota of karma for heaven’s desire.

Probably, I could just start my own BPO service so people may get in touch with me (through the men I hire) every time their prayers go unheard. And voila, this may even solve the current unemployment problem of the world. Or maybe just like the politicians these days do in electoral campaigns, meeting everyone in person, comprehending their conundrums and promising to unriddle them.

Some of the admirations you could come across in my reign:
  • Your grandma sending you cute selfies for you taught her how to take photos with your cellphone the last time you two met
  • Your dog fetching you the morning newspaper
  • Or you could probably get photobombed by Johnny Depp
  • Every day, you’d have a choice to select the genre of dream you wish to see that night
  • You could catch a penguin running behind your car
  • Winning a lottery over the ticket gifted to you by Santa
  • Or even receiving a phone call from Emma Watson herself

I cannot promise if every one of you would be lucky enough to experience all these, but one thing I’m sure of is that I would love every one without any conditions of bearing me in mind or so. Guiding them every time they step into the sludge. Just like a parent does for his children. Selfless love. God wasn’t meant to be so selfish.

Look around and you’ll find a legion of people who have spent their entire lives in search of god. And trust me when I say some of them are extremely adept; ever ready to outdistance this life in order to get to him. But he doesn’t care a bit. He’s deaf, probably. Or maybe, the so-called almighty has already destined India to the apex of world population.
So if I were god, all the good eggs would be aired to a place too distant, where just happiness would prevail. Maybe some other planet, or galaxy, anything but by my side. I don’t want every sq. foot of heaven to cost a kidney.

You may call it a child’s dream or a muser’s ponder or even an idler’s babbles, but just let me know if you’re well contented with the life you are leading. If there is nothing you’re deprived of and want nothing more you fancy for after having so many dreams shattered to nothingness. My idea of a better world might seem irksome, but felicity in it is a sure shot. While under the present-day god’s reign, you may be living a rollercoaster ride, but tears and treacheries are inevitable. 

If I were god, I wouldn’t enshroud behind the curtains of the infinite universe, clay idols and unending bad-faith. No veils can insulate the outcries of beingness. If I were god, I would be achievable.

So, would you nominate an introvert as a perpetual candidate to being your new god? Do share your views.

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