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My 100th Blog Post

Thursday, March 26, 2015

So here I am, celebrating THANKSGIVING, on the eve of my 100th blog post. With a trifle over 60,000 pageviews, my achievement may come short compared to those more incisive and versatile bloggers in the arena, but when I take a deeper look within myself, remembering the thousands of words I had written so far, my journey from nothing to something has been quite a satisfaction, and definitely a handbook of lessons for times to come.

I started blogging 3 years back as a medium to express what I felt, what I thought I felt, what I should have felt and ultimately the things I never could feel. Though it all initiated with round-eyed rhymes, but I’m glad I got more greedier and expanded it to haiku, sonnets, articles, short stories and some flecks of photography and sketches here and there and entertain everyone who manages to find out some time from their busy schedules to take a look at my blog. I owe it all to every single person who ever meant to influence my life in some form or the other, either knowingly or unknowingly. Blogging didn’t just help me figure out the unrequited riddles, but also eased me up by giving gems in the form of fellow bloggers. Probably, that’s when I first learnt the importance of a proficient blogging circle.

Unforgettably, comments, like anchor, kept me stable even in the most rickety days of my life. Giving me hope to give it one last shot and eventually, I’m where I should have been. Love you all for being such great readers and supporters. Thank you for your moralses and feedbacks and I seriously wish that my blog keeps inspiring and entertaining you all through its course.

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Somewhere between each consecutive post, I grew not just as a writer but a person too (and definitely in age as well). From a clean-shaved toddler to a heavy-bearded graduate, I was called the guy who talked older than his age. There is yet a long way to go and even the ‘100 Post’ milestone feels like a new beginning to an adventure that is both thrilling and a fulfilling one.

But wait! The merriment doesn’t ends here. Just 5 days more and ALIBI, my debut anthology, turns 1. And I have planned to present everyone with a return gift as a matter of thanks for being a part of my celebrations. I have added a download link to the end of this post. Enjoy the free gift and keep visiting. Thank you again.