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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

No human ever born has been born without the apprehension of food. The mere sight of food is enough for us to decide what would taste good and what not. In short, ever human is a born foodie. And so am I.
KELLOGG’S WAALE GUPTAJI prepares some wonderful mouthwatering recipes and they sure know how to whip up the perfect breakfast for any occasion. I checked around a hundred and sixteen/seventeen recipes and I’d definitely love to visit their house for my nashta (breakfast) of NUTTY CHOCO BERRY CORNFLAKES and FRUITY YOGURT CUP.
NUTTY CHOCO BERRY CORNFLAKES, as the name states, is an irresistible blend of raspberry and chocolate that, by all odds, creates a breakfast like no other. Raspberry jam, crunchy chocolate chips and mixed roasted nuts serve the flavor that you’d have never tasted before, not forgetting the crispy cornflakes. What’s more shocking that I came to know about is that it takes a mere 2 minute effort to prepare this heavenly dish.
Being crispy and delicious at the same time is what they say is the purpose of this recipe. Your eyes will bulge the moment your taste buds relish it for the first time.
Along with this, my semi-liquid, but yet healthy part of the breakfast would be FRUITY YOGURT CUP. It’s a mouthwatering cup of nutrition in a single blend. Just like the previous one, it too takes around 2 minutes for preparation, but the results are just APPETIZING.  It is healthy fruits and curds mixed together with a little pinch of the vanilla essence. Also, cornflakes is something that should never be missed in the Gupta family’s breakfast.
Fruits and curd being healthy and light, serve the purpose of what we call a perfect breakfast. Being a north Indian, this is what should go and replace my morning supper in place of the stuffed prathas. Also, the prathas consume way too much time compared to this and are also too ghee-ed. But these recipes, on the other hand, are just perfect for people of all age groups. Even if you are a regular gym attender, you would be already aware of the importance of such a healthy and nutritious diet. Breakfast could never have been any healthier.
Using just the things we come across in our everyday lives, not buying anything specific for a healthy diet. GUPTAJI, for sure, is born with magic in his hands. So if you too are health conscious just like more of the other subscribers of Guptaji, do have a look at the list of his recipes and choose what suits your needs of a perfect nutritional diet just like I chose NUTTY CHOCO BERRY CORNFLAKES along with FRUITY YOGURT CUP.