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Impractical JOKERS

Sunday, March 15, 2015

They say that everybody is born with those mercies bestowed upon him, who make you feel blessed with their cold shadows even if they themselves were sticking out in the burning summer sun. They make you believe that no matter how dusky the night may be, the sun never misses a day. It will rise up like always, though there may be some days overcast by the clouds of devilry.

The list of friends I have already lost in this life is endless. And though, I don’t hold any grudges against any of them, but somewhere deep within, they have created a cicatrix that can never be made up no matter what. And ironically, the void has added up to the heaviness. But what’s affirmative is that not all fish belong to the same pond. Some come all the way from the elixir-waterfall of the heavens to help you swim in the ocean of sufferings.

Every time I was engrossed in my thoughts, disheartened by the rues of life, there was one person I always found by my side without fail, like the invisible, but eternal part of my life.  Jasmin. It’s hard pointing out a single incident when she turned out to be a blessing to me and I know, a mere blog post won’t be enough to counter the good she has done to me, but I won’t let go of this chance of thanking and dedicating something to her.

It was one of those days where nights were the devil’s hour and were, for sure, called longer than the dawns. Where silent winds of the dark sounded like the hauntings of the past. Deluged with the thoughts of self-hatred and calling on the carpet, I felt it would be the longest night of my life. Trust me, the no-reason downheartedness is one of the most elusive things to face. And I could feel the heaviness of my heart increase with every breath I took. But for her, it was another one of those CID vs Rajnikant Jokes.

A few gibbers and jabbers, and I was back to being the half-baked jerk I always have been. As if in a moment, she pulled the right nerve that was needed to heal my sickness. And I could literally put a smiling smiley after every text I messaged. Humiliating each other for no practical reasons and greeting their presence the very next moment. Jokers, indeed. This world is definitely a happy place when you are surrounded by people who care for you.

Jasmin- She is a school friend, and though we haven’t met in person after that, but that wasn't a limit to the wonderful relation we share. Glad to have a sister like you.

This post is written for Housing.