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For the love of FIRSTS

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The FIRSTS are always the most memorable. Be it the first bicycle ride, the first school trip, first love and so on. Firsts have always attracted me the most for there is always a first time. After I returned back home after riding a bicycle for the first time, my parents thought I just had a nasty fight with a friend and further scolded me for the same. The first time I went on a school trip, I felt it was the most beautiful day of my life and that after the trip, my life came to an end and the first time I fell in love, it changed my life forever.

I remember there dominated a landline at our home for decades. The bulky, unportable and dull-voiced telephone set that used to lean against its seat like an obese tycoon does to his throne no matter what. We often used to see gringos using a wireless phone with an antenna over the TV. It was only later when dad bought it that I came to know it was called a Cordless. Buying a cordless felt ne plus ultra as we were the only ones in our locality to have been owning it. We could use it within a few meters from the torso. We thought it was the final of developments in the telecommunication field and we were finally owning it.

Our suppositions were proved awry when years later, mobile phones were first released in India. Our first mobile phone owned by dad was a deep-chested, heavy, black and white Nokia 1100 worth Rs 5000 gifted by mom. It brought along a majestic feel with it. We could now talk to anyone, anywhere and anytime. The game of snakes was sheer delight and I often used to play it sweeping under the rug. I oft wondered when I’d have a mobile phone of my own.

By the time I reached college, transformation came by and I got a 1 sq. in. screened, Nokia 2626 and it felt like a real masterstroke. It was somewhat similar in size to my dad’s phone though mine was a COLORED one. Never thought one day we’d be talking to our girlfriends over the phone. I once thought of transferring some data to the phone that comprised of a 50kb pic of mine and a ringtone of my favorite song. Such trivial free space was all I could manage. An inbuilt radio was the real source of entertainment. And even that felt great. My first personal phone. Back then, I was staying in a PG with 6 other guys of the same age group. On weekends, we used to sit together while working on our assignments and practical files turning on the radio in my new phone. Unbelievable that I used to flaunt over a phone that supported no memory cards and had an internal storage capacity in kbs.

Within years, I had tried my hands at a Nokia 3110 and Samsung Galaxy Pop. I could now use Orkut, Facebook, take pictures, play music, use internet and even download java games as per my interest and not just make calls to people at far off places or compromise with the in-built irksome games. The size increased and thickness reduced. But what I was unaware of was that the real transition was yet to take place.

Recently, I won a Moto E smartphone in an online writing contest held by Indiblogger and #ChooseToStart. I never could imagine one day we will replace a laptop with just a mobile phone and call it a smartphone. My friends call it a mobile phone with screen all over its front. A premium smartphone experience for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money. Packed in is the latest android along with a quad-core processor that serves a better app performance and allows multitasking totally effortlessly; an all-day lasting battery life so you could surf the internet, play games and listen to music for comparatively longer hours; a new front-facing camera along with the 5MP back camera for the kgjklhd of selfies; and a 4.5" qHD display. It is probably the best handset in its ultra-affordable range and I’d recommend it to all my friends.

It also came to light that it has some of the most popular Moto experiences that were earlier available on big-tickets that could just break your bank. With Moto Display, my phone stays dark until I nudge it or get a notification, so I can stay on top of things with just a subtle glance. And with Motorola Assist’s Sleep Mode and Meeting Mode, I can tell it when I don’t want to be bothered. We can now take a selfie with the new front-facing camera. Plus, Moto E features Quick Capture. Simply twist your wrist twice to launch the camera and twist twice again to switch to the front-facing camera.

The mark of a great phone is that it feels great, too. Moto E has a curved back, designed to fit perfectly in the hand. Also, we can customize Moto E by choosing from colorful Motorola Bands or Grip Shells that are easy to swap out. Not only do the bands look great, but they also feature a unique ridged pattern which provides an even better grip.

A great smartphone shouldn’t be a luxury, but a choice for everyone so people don’t have to compromise on quality, experiences or style.
– Rick Osterloh
President, CEO of Motorola Mobility