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The Proposal

Saturday, January 24, 2015

I and Priya have been best friends for the past 15 months or so and this Valentine’s Day, I have planned to finally propose her. Confessing your love is something that makes even the bravest go poltroons. So rather than speaking up my love, I have plotted something witty, something extremely special for her. So unique that all through the time when we’ll be together, she will keep thinking “He is going to propose. He is going to propose.” But I won’t until the very end when she starts yenning to hear the three magical words. And it would be great if you could just chock it up in your divulging belly.

First I’ll send her a voice note on Whatsapp saying, “The world is at risk. Grab your essentials and be ready to meet your associate, a stunningly charming guy who’d be waiting outside your home at 6:30 in black tuxedo. The future of this world is in your hands.”

She’ll come in her favorite red Midi, I’m pretty sure. And while she would be thinking of asking about the urgency, I’d cut in between and put my hand in front of her.
“Choose one of these (smooth stones).”
I’d shake off the stones and ask her to get into the car. 
“What was that?”
“That was a memento. A special one.”
“But you threw them.”
She might even think I’m weird. But all I’m is a lover and if that necessitates weirdness, then yes, I’m the weirdest.

We’d fight over the music, as always. She prefers Diana Ross. And then we’ll finally set to ‘Tender Heart by Lionel Richie. “Wow! She looks so beautiful.” I’d think in my mind.
“You have left a patch of your makeup powder on your cheek” I’d say teasingly. All that a girl fears is her makeup getting revealed.
She’d then try cleaning it herself and finally say “Is it done?”
“Not yet. Try the sun visor.”
She will pull down the sun visor to use the mirror and my angel be showered in rose petals, the ones I would have placed behind the sun visor.
She’d be expecting a proposal. But I won’t. And finally she’d break her silence and ask, “This too might be a memento, right?”
“What are you talking about? I didn’t do that. I wonder who placed them there.”

We’d next drive to the City Fort. After roaming in the fort for some time, I’d take her to the tableland where Diana’s ‘Love is all that matters’ will be played as soon as we reach. (The officials are really wonderful people I tell you.)
“Why are we here?”
“I wanted to dance with you.”
“Here? Now? Are you crazy?”
I’d grab her hand with one hand and waist with the other. And we’ll dance. And dance. And dance. Expecting her to rest her head on my shoulder. Or chest. Did you notice I didn’t propose her yet?
And when the things seem to get in place, I’d bring out the tiny gift I would have purchased for her.
“A stone?”
“A special memento!”
“What’s so special about it?” she’d say disinterested.
“Turn it over.”
"I Love Priya" it read.
She would go speechless. And we’ll keep standing, staring at each other.
“But how… how did you know I’d choose this very stone?”
“I got it engraved on all those stones by a jeweler. So whichever stone you’d choose, something similar is what you would have got. But I just wanted you to be a part of this plot I set on you.” 

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