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The Litterbug

Thursday, January 22, 2015

I have always believed in proper utilization of the space available. From the Lower KG toy room where we used to make bridges and castles from multi-shaped blocks and then smash them away like the giant monster we are, to the hostel days, where chairs are the new hangers, under-beds: the new dustbins and almirah: the new basement. And when you don’t find anything, just check it under your blanket! Our college campus is our property, for we have paid our fees fully, or so we say.
Also, the answer sheets of an engineering student are nothing less than a litter. Collecting data from all the fields, everything under the sun and preparing a single not-up-to-the-point answer for the same (that comprises Bollywood, Cricket, Taliban, Roadies, Chayanprash, and Pokémon) and still managing to pass in the exams. All thanks to the litterbug teachers.
I specifically love the scene of Indian ladies dumping all the organic garbage direct outside the window, from the 1st floor. Damn! They are so talented. I wonder who tells them that the path is clear and there’s no one passing by. Not forgetting the government assigned sweepers. They accumulate all the litter at one place not caring about its disposal and thus, accumulating the next day too. They are so honest. They don’t want to be paid for ‘not working’.
We have sewage water overflowing (by litterbug govn. Officials), additional dumping over it (by common litterbugs) and rains adding to the beauty of litters. Is there any other planet that will serve such a scenetic view to your eyes?
Littering is the biggest survival skills of mankind. For that’s how we keep ourselves fit, clean and happy. Isn’t it? It’s a fact that being a litterbug keeps us happy. (If only we belong to Neptune or Pluto). I’d even love littering the human remains if I were a monster or something. That’s a separate issue, though.
Non-Litterbugs (cleanliness-obsessed people/ aliens) are too far to be considered humans. Maybe they should be sent to some separate country, or other planet, for best. They care so much about others. Silly people. They should have been anything but humans.
Sometimes I feel God too is a litterbug. Just littering all and everything wherever he wants. Mismatch, broken hearts, love and other drugs, nations, solar system, and galaxies all in one single universe. How could spring, summer, monsoon, autumn and winters fall in the same year otherwise. Wish he was a little more empathetic. But then again, maybe we too are, and deserve the same. Because that’s what we do to others; our neighbors, friends and even strangers; at our workplace, school, streets and even homes.
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