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A Whisper of Roses

Friday, January 16, 2015

So uncertain this life is
Born as varied floras
And here we rest
Side by side, detached, uprooted
People say we look beautiful
But how could someone look
Graceful after they die
Or is it just like what they do
After a human snuffs it
“Ya. He was a good man.”

Sometimes I wonder if
Humans too fall in love
Just like we roses do
And if their love would be
As pure as ours
Standing beside each other
All through our lives
Without a sense of touch
Until one day we dry up
Just like that
And a tickle means our
Plant is on grounds.

It’s so difficult differentiating
Between rocks and humans
They look so alike just like
Long lost brothers
Unlike the uniqueness of every rose
And I pray they turn out as
A rose next life
And realize how beautiful it is
To be a rose even while
You’re alive.

This post has been written for Prompt of the Month; a feature of Writer's Ezine.