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Let kids be kids

Thursday, December 18, 2014

You realize the true worth of a vacation once you cross a year of round-the-clock working after your graduation or masters. College life was so cool you say. But time cannot be counter clocked. So it’s always good to spend some valuable time friends, remembering the good old days when you were still kids; that you lost on the very first day of your job. But you always will be a kid from within, no matter what.
Something similar happens to your happily married life once a firstborn child enters your life. You wake up early in the morning to compensate the new responsibilities that deluge your head now. Also the nights when the kid’s whimpers don’t let you sleep all through the night. But still, it is the most you will ever love someone in your life.
As he grows up, even your vacation patterns alter. The family vacations. Kids add magic to your outings. They look at things in their own unusually-loveable ways.
After deciding the vacation budget and a couple of trip ideas, include your kids in it. Younger kids appreciate seeing photos of where you have decided to go and all the fun stuff they are going to do there. You will see excitement on their face from that moment itself.
It is important to provide memories that can be cherished forever by your children. Let them remember you for what good you did not for what you didn’t. The best you can do is let them do whatever they want. Just set them free, running on the open grass, watching butterflies settle on flowers or just sit and fall in love with nature. Give them something they can talk about with their friends after they get back to their classes the next day.
Organized activities amongst the family members while on a picnic or an outing to an amusement park or just anywhere that doesn’t include your daily monotonous schedules. Working parents usually don’t get time to have meals with their kids and this could be a good opportunity for them too. So, don’t forget to carry along the stuff kids love to eat. Also, a chance to get to know each other well. The things they laugh at, things that make them sad, what and how they think and respond to things.
Every time you see him laugh in delectation, you’ll age down to a kid yourself, recharging you to freshness. Seeing him happy, happier you’ll be. Don’t dump anything on them to follow. They are kids, not adults. They are well aware of what makes them joyous.
Every season is a ‘vacation-ful’ season. So don’t let season be a hindrance to their cheerful faces. Stop being an honest traffic policeman. If it starts raining, let them feel the freshness of the monsoon drops on their skin; if it snows, let them get out and make snowman or their snow angels; and let them dance over the sound of the cracking autumn leaves under their feet. Just let them be KIDS.

This post is in response to Indiblogger contest by Teddy Travelouges.

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