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Home sweet home

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

They have rightly said that we hate journeys only when we want to go back home and the long distance between us and home is the only thing thats keeping us apart. Home- one of the only places we have loved ever since we were born. Just being at home is the biggest satisfaction in bad times. Sometimes, infact, most of the times, home is the indicator of our standard and lifestyle. A classical, old fashioned home is something people usually don't prefer these days. With all new advancements, unbelievable home accessories are now available.

So without any delay, here's a list of my pick-ups by the Mediterranean Porcelanosa with its all new range in Asia under the luxury brand of #24KLiving.

Just like a face is the indicator of what the condition of a person's stomach is, so is the exteriors to a house. So, without any doubts, my first selection is none other than this Ceramic Fa├žade. Porcelain tile with practically zero water absorption. An ideal cover for just any book. The house appears nothing less than a pearl in the ocean.

Being a student of mechanical engineering, I do understand the need for incorporating of renewable energy systems into building design. With the degradation of non renewable energy resources, heat energy present within the earth's surface can well be utilised for heating the buildings in an efficient and inexpensive way. Why not utilise the burden within the Earth for better purposes? Definitely a must be in my home.

Perfection has a new definition here. Just have a look at this shower column. Now people won't check your waterproof xperia in selfies, rather the shower columns. This flawless column is hust too elegant to take away your eyes from. In engineering terms, the elegance of this shower is inversely proportional to the space occupied by it.

Now just have a look at this. This is just the perfect replacement to the highly valued asset of AVAILABLE SPACE in your home. The perfect layout with various accessories and drawers for proper utilisation of every a bit. Porcelanosa does have a product that can be well integrated with any type and size of space available. Also, they do offer a multitude of styles with different finishes, such as natural or stained wood, matt or polished lacquers and laminates, plus the possibility of combining these options.

These were my top fours for my perfectly perfect house. These people do have some exceptional products in their store for every person wih any kind of requirements. That just a look at the pics may make your smile grow broader and broader. If you have been pondering over gifting something for your beloved home, do have a look at the Porcelanosas.
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