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Zest along the way

Sunday, July 20, 2014

 Who doesn’t like to travel? Be it a country ride or a long drive with your better half. With increased enthusiasm with every mile crossed, relishing life to the fullest. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re on gear 2 or 4, or if it’s an automatic, all that matters are the things that add spice to the journey. Spice as in the events, people or factors that appear to be agreeably stimulating or mentally exciting. Something that makes even the ill, jump out in joy. Here’s my list of zest adding events:

Belting along a faraway train: There’s absolutely nothing as thrilling in a long journey as racing against a train, rolling on its rail, running parallel to your road to destination. And the smile you get after you win, is just uncomparable.

Photography: Things change. But memories remain intact. Photography is just one of the best invented techniques to keep a memoir of all the memories of a journey. It may be something simple as a lonesome tree, as beautiful as a dancing peacock or something as heavenly as the setting sun.

Reading: Re-reading the books I love. And nothing could feel better than reading romances by Nicholas Sparks on a country ride.

Guitar: I like carrying my guitar wherever I go. I may not be that good at playing it, but still, I love whatever plays out of it whenever I am alone, when there’s none to talk or listen to. Every string speaks out the various phases of what I feel.

A na├»ve thought: A thought that there’s still time to reach the destination, a thought that there’s still time to relish the present journey, to savor the beauty of the nature. The freshness of life in the breeze of the countryside flora and fauna.

5 Blacks

Black is not just a color. It is a definition to the most sophisticated secrets of the universe. The sun, the moon and even the earth are all the toddlers of the same black universe.
There’s nothing more prominent to a night party than a fair lassie wearing a stunning black dress with her black hair curled into perfection. On the contrary, witchcraft and black magic have always been an all-time favorite. Every culture has its emphasis on the value of this color.
So without wasting any further time, here is a list of 5 most wishful things in my checklist (not in any particular order):

A black Armani Tuxedo: A black tux signifies elegance, sophistication and confidence. And what to say if it’s an Armani clothed over a freshly bathed body, hair neatly groomed, rocking over the formal evening events. Oh man, the ladies gonna die seeing this. Poor they.

CX Swiss DELTA FORCE SPECIAL President Black Dial: Manufactured in Switzerland by Montres Charmex S.A, this Swiss Military full-function Alarm Chronograph is a truly stunning and rugged timepiece.
Twin LCD digital displays for DATE, ALARM, GMT freely adjustable 2nd timezone -Tachymeter: calculates speed based on travel time over a fixed distance Case/Bracelet: -Solid stainless steel case, (Delta Force Special models: matte-black hard wearing PVD plated; Delta Force models: gun metal finish) Case back: Stainless steel, screwed -Adjustable bracelet: Solid stainless steel with matte-black hard wearing PVD plated -Buckle: double pusher safety deployment clasp with engraved CX Swiss Military Watch logo -Screw-down crown and screw-down pushers for added security -Bezel: 360 degree / 60' graduation -Water-resistant,  Anti-reflective, highly scratch resistant sapphire crystal 

Facial Hair: That’s how much I like hair growing on the lower part of my face. Something symbolizing me as an artist, a writer/poet.

A Black Phantom: Nothing can challenge a ride like Rolls Royce’s. A gleaming black Phantom, lustrous as a new penny, with the lustre being a star in the night sky. It’s definitely the king of the road.

Space: Last week I had a dream. Dressed like an astronaut, I didn’t look bad at all while getting ready for some space mission along with 2 other men to the moon, or mars or something. We were having a serious discussion on some important space matter. When suddenly bhua woke me up. It was 5 in the morning. She was asking me about some freaking key.
After searching for an hour, it was found in grandpa’s pocket.
And I flushed as I went to bed. Dreams like this come once in a lifetime and I wasted it finding a key that was never lost. I tried reconnecting with the broken dream, but sigh.
Outside the earth’s atmosphere, the sky is black day and night. Strange, isn’t it?


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