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Friday, May 30, 2014

The things you share are things that make you look good, things which you are happy to tie into your identity.

While the popularity of social networking consistently rises, new trends in the technology are frequently being observed. Equal Media Ltd. has tried a place where people can feel free to express strong and differing opinions in a positive and safe environment. It’s the differences in opinion that make State a fascinating place.
State serves the purpose of levelling the playing field for everyone by allowing them to express their opinions quickly and delivering them to the people who most need to hear them. It lets people communicate in a lucid, non-competitive way. It’s a place where you don’t need hashtags, followers, or being witty, just an opinion. It allows people to express opinions in a quick and fun way that also provides enough information to interpret, count, and connect them. And the best part is that you don’t have to implore others to follow you to share your opinion.

We believe that everyone deserves a powerful voice online, no one should be left out, and when everyone’s opinions count, a more complete picture emerges. We firmly believe that this could make good things happen.

The main page or the Home page has a red State button in the website header. Search for the topic you have in mind to create. If your topic does not exist, you will have a choice at the bottom of the drop down menu of search results that says, “Not the right one? Create new topic.” Click on it to begin creating your topic.

You must choose at least one opinion word
The home page also serves a few trending topics to choose from
Choose a word (or words) to describe
What you think or feel about it
You can choose from the domain of your interest- Entertainment, Sports, Food and Drinks etc.
The “ask others” tool allows you to solicit the opinion of other people both on and off State, thereby building a conversation around the topic you just created.

Just like any other SNS, it too has a way to connect with people called Tune In
The Notification icon in the home page shows interactions viz. ALL, CONVERSATIONS and REQUESTS.
I have been using State for the past week or so. Though it covers nearly all the trending topics and that too in an interesting way, but I’m still waiting for my group to join State as I have nothing much to do until then.
For You displays topics based on your interest
Across State shows what’s HOT on globally
State Clip allows user to capture opinions alongway

In many ways, state is an example of good design. It is clean, simple, and focussed on enabling users to the purpose it has been designed for- sharing your opinions. It has a professional design layout. The site has a strong visual identity. It is well branded: the site name, use of imagery and introduction leaves the user in no doubt as to what the site is about.

Usability is an extremely important area. If a user finds a site hard to use, they will often choose to turn to the competitor sites rather than struggle to overcome the obstacles they are facing. completely serves the purpose in that matter.

Min age to join-13

Networking features
Ease of use (%) - 100%
Notifications- YES
Mobile app- YES (Apple only)
No paid upgrades- YES

Site appearance (%) - 100%
Post comments- YES
Photos- YES

By keyword
BY Topics and users
Advanced privacy settings- YES
Report- YES

The load time of the page is quiet fast
I did not find any typos or broken links
It has a STATE logo at the centre of the header
No grammatical or content errors
In-site Ads- NO
Search function- YES
Help/ FAQ- NO

Design- 5/5
Usability- 5/5
Profile- 4/5
Security- 4/5
Overall rating- 4.5/5

This review is a part of the product review programme by and

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