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The Night that didn't END

Monday, January 6, 2014

New calendars are already up the walls and Bloggers out with their NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS. Then how could you expect me to lag behind?

One of the biggest secrets from my store of bangs.

How many of you love reading novels? Ok, i know it sounds silly but you heard it right!! How many of you love reading novels??

If I'm not wrong, 99.99% of the Bloggers might be reading since childhood.

Que. No2
Do you believe that stones/rocks cry?
(I know the level of silliness is increasing, but still)

The reason behind these questions is Sir Ravinder Singh's "I too had a love story".

It's the first novel I've read in my life (that too in 2014), and that too in a single go; and it is the one that brought tears to my eyes after a few droughty decades.

It's been long since I had such a night. My eyes aren't heavy yet, neither is there any sign of drowsiness existent. I don't think they are ready for a nap yet. I don't think they'll rest today. I don't think this night gonna end. Or maybe, it never should...