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Young India- Responsible India

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

There is a vast expanse of corruption in socio-politico-economic system of the subcontinent ever since independence. There’s hardly any niche left devoid of corruption.We have been so gravelled of this moral depravity, from the day we gained our senses, that not a single wise being is concerned about politics now.And thinking logically, there’s nothing wrong in that. Apparently, why would people vote when they know none cares?

In the initial phase of a kid’s life, parents start conceiving of their child as an engineer; a doctor, and so forth. Later, our grown up mind articulates the very same verses. But, who’ll run the nation then… the dictatorsor the antitype?Parents forget the necessity they neglected, in their time, and are making their kids repeat the same. They didn’t care about political refinement and that is the reason why the nation is yet not over it. If they’d have thought about the nation and politics then, the country would haveflourished by now. It’s an absolute case of lack of motivation.

“The world is a dangerous place not because of people who do evil, but because of good people who do nothing about it.” –Albert Einstein

Ok, now let’s consider another facet; maybe none of them is good.But some mightatleast be better thanothers. For the time being, pull in all you can. And then… then rise up as another candidate. Choose the less poisonous of the snakes. Don’t just say, “I DON’T CARE”. Lacking involvementis the onlyreason the nation is dropping dead. Get civically engaged to solve the problem of voter turnout among youth.

“He did not care for the lying at first. He hated it. Then later he had come to like it. It was part of being an insider but it was a very corrupting business.” –Ernest Hemingway

It’s not that youth are not affected by what politicians do. Voting makes a difference, and especiallyto the students. They use petrol, pay taxes and need employment.Isn’t it? And the most tragic part is that they are very well aware of their sufferings, but still, NO REACTION. They have obliterated the habit of acting unitedly, exterminating threats to the foundations of ourdemocratic society.

Though not voting isn’t the best option, but remember, I didn’t ask to force them to vote. What good a vote be if done randomly. Step between the gap of force and motivation. Inspire them! For any sort of manipulation would be the waste of a valuable vote as it all comes from their habits and opinions, andimpressions of a clueless mind would lead to  nothing but ‘lay waste’.For that, one needs to know the reason behind it.

For years, India has beendominated by all 80, grey haired,feeding over the joints of constitutionalism. No youth joins elections, so no youth voters interested. Caste is a big political factor. Youth of 2013 doesn’t care about being a Hindu, Muslim or a Sikh… but still the government is ruling on the very same base.

Secondly, youth hates AARAKSHAN. Giving someone benefits not based on their talent is purely a token of unfairness and iniquity. Furthermore, they are not interested in theinterrelationships between spirituality… corruption… and democracy… This has made youth to hate government and politics so they are happy away from it. But the irony is that they should come forward. I once read a comment saying, “India was better at the hands of Britishers, than the xyz party”. So, if that’s the case, then make your own. All that a party does to us is our pay for 5yrs of trust anda ‘worthlessvote’.

Perhaps the fault lies in our expectations. Youth is but a stage in life that people pass through. They are more impressionable and thus more open to new ideas. That is why they are more radical and pro-change. They own a legacy of revolutionary ideologies, though, dinned by bogus politicians. All they need is to focus at a goal, far beyond the haze of theabstractsociety.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” –M. K. Gandhi

The countryearnestly requires a protagonist. Deep down, people are desperately looking for inspiring politicians that take their aspirations seriously. Young India is watching intently.

A suggestion of how Social Media and Networking can help overcome the voter turnout amongst youth. I choose WECHAT. There are numerous reasons why Wechat has been my preference for this revolutionarymovement:
-          It is reliable, private and always ON;
-          Readily available on android and all other smartphones, all for free;
-          Always ON, no logouts, never miss a message;
-          Get message alerts instantly with push notifications;
-          Instant messaging with group chats;
-          Crystal clear voice and video calls;
-          Real walkie-talkie mode;
-          Send photos and videos; and
-          Share, like and comment on photos.

Initiate the ‘YOUTHBelievers’Movement
YOUTH’ is nothing but “Younkers’ Outburst to Uproot the Tentacle Heads” and “Believers” means “those who dare to anticipate the need to revolutionize, for a better tomorrow.”

-          Organise the Movement nationwide.
-          Choose the initial day.
-          Select events to be organised.

1.       Select 40 main centres/cities of the country. Share about the Movement all over the Social media and ask people to respond on wechat if they want to be one of the Believers. Broadcast message to 200 friends (a feature of Wechat), and they further to 200. And the cycle continues.
2.       Generate QR code for group chat, and then share it for inviting more and more people.
3.       Select 1 representative for each city. Ask them tohave a working team.
4.       Change your profile picture.[I’ve even sketched a symbol for the Believers. All that one needs is a spark, and once induced, a simple matchstick can incinerate the entireviciousempire. And hence the symbol.]

5.       Arrange a schedule and finalize the events to be held, like quiz, presentation… etc. and send the representatives, the schedule.
6.       Now the biggest barrier for youth is monetary support.So, talk to private firms for sponsorship.
7.       By that auspicious day, prepare questions for quiz, the slideshow and send to the varying volunteers via wechat.
Quiz- Anything about the Indian Political System
Group Discussion- Varying topics about Indian Politics, What issues they feel important and the role of legislature, their personal views and opinions, any miscellaneous suggestion, proposal, feedback or anything
Presentation- Slideshow about the past phase of Indian politics, major changes and personalities, varying issues undertook
So they may re-evaluate what the nation really means to them? What’s their role?

8.       Control the entire nation via wechat. On that day, command all 40 representatives via the walkie- talkie feature of Wechat. Or you may even make use of voice messages and video calls.
9.       Ask them to make videos and click photos and send them to you via wechat.
10.   Allow public to share, like and comment on them on wechat as well. Select the best ones and spread all over the social media and the press media, TV, news, radio and by the time it goes viral, you won’t get a place to stand outside the poll booths.

Youth, we are India’s future! Tomorrow the world will be in our hands! So, go, get it!! Remove oppressive barriers to India’s geniuses which once held 25% of the world’s GDP. Stop waiting for things to happen, go out and make them happen.

Just remember “We can! And we have to!”

Do share it with all the youth you know if you think the post was worth. If it inspired you to vote, surely it will to them as well.

This is my entry for Indiblogger’s Contest by Wechat

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