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Uski Kahani, Usi ki Zubani

Saturday, December 7, 2013

A girl has a story to reveal. The following poem is what she has to say about her life and how things changed from NOWhere to NOwhere. Do read out her diary with due respect.

So unpredictable could life be
The once most euphoric art
Chances a life, difficult to breathe
And essentials just shatter apart

That peeress has turned a writer now
Sober-sided, mature, a storm’s fury
Oftentimes, equated as unrefined though
But here I unclothe my diary, my real story

Talking to a friend, as I stepped ahead
Down fell the books and I stuck thoughtless
When of a sudden, a swift guy smashed
And ploughed ahead as if a senseless

Returned with an apology, he left a glance
But his nefarious look mirrored his intensions
He had his go just to put a chance
And there I sparked disputing his pretensions
Such was my first day at college in France

Who thought it was a mere beginning
Wherever I went, he’d shadow
The corridor, library and even in the canteen
I saw him standing outside my hostel window

Even in dreams did he fright me now
A wretched face that never let sleep
Time and time again, it boiled up the brim
When one day I did stop him
Why is it that it’s always you?

Silent, he spoke nothing
While I kept bashing crude and vulgar
Life is for tamed, you aren’t worth it
Followed with a slap there spread the silence
But he stood hopeless, still shameless

My friend came across the other day
Told, he was once famed, bright as success
But a bump in life unhinged his way
A err he made falling for a trespasser
He tried but failed, and failed again

I felt something surging up my heart
But before I could forfeit and decide
A bang and an accident near the roadside mart
And we sped to see, a bit 'fraid inside
Floored; it was none other than the hapless guy

Still pumping, with his body torn apart I  was surprised to see a parcel
With my name on it; his heart
And he held me embraced in his hands
And I was the one stood numb to cry
For it wouldn’t have happened if I’d try
Confused of what just happened? And why?

Years passed and now I write
Still holding pain, somewhere deep inside
Knocking myself and I still regret
Just a hope that one day he’d forgive
For the futurity I couldn’t interpret

I write and write just with a wish
That someday I could forget and get over it

And achieve what, in years, I had to miss
And die of my own, in Solitude’s bliss…

This post is a part of Write Over the
Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by Blogadda
It’s the first time I’ve participated for WOW, so not sure whether a poetry is eligible for it, but I did all I could, rest is upto them.

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