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The Miraculous www

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Every blogaholic, in his lifespan,faces such days where he starts worrying about how to pull in more and more readers and techniques to uphold their interest to keep visiting time and time again. Some of them conformextremely well and set milestones, while others just get swallowed up, leaving behindthe perks of blogging. It is as simple as ABC if you get it, else Rocket Science seems much gentler. So if you are one of those planning for a domain spaceor refurbishing an existing one, think again!

With over 150,000 websites being created every twenty-four hours, the increasing competition online couldtakethe heck out of you.That means, you have to give your website that additional venture in order to win the sale, keeping in mind that your product, service and/or company will be compared to other competitors. Consequently, you need to show why you are different, and whypeople should choose your service over others’.

Before getting any further, I have something to share from my diary of encounters and experiences:

I have been inditing poems ever since I was in class 8, but still I was unsure if I was a poet, ‘cause I never had beenofficially recognised as one of them. None other than a bunch of friends were aware of who I actually was. Then one promisingday, I decided to join Blogger, and that I feel, has become one of the dearest decisions of mine. It wasn’t merely a banausic domain for me, but a platform to disseminatesomething beyond the horizons of what I actually appear to be.It was an amazing package with a free domain space, beauteous, simple and speedy templates; decent enough for a newbie, like me, to start up with.

But therearose a yet another problem- “I relished writing over those blank pixels,but only when I had a deluge of thoughts overflowing my mind, so could I compile. I added up into a poet but it used to take months to complete a single verse.”

Unknowingly, I once signed up for a peculiar website and that instilled the greatest turn over into my poetic life.AllPoetry(AP)was one such website that had thousands of members from differing latitudes and longitudes who were regular poets; and the website had poetry contests running 24-7-365, hundreds each day, organised by the members themself. Awarding graphic trophies in addition to points (with which one could conduct contests) was an originative way to reawaken the poet asleep for centuries. Then came a morn, I started writing,like a shot,2-5 poems a day. I got sogravelyhookedup to this psychotropic website that it started affecting my social life; with no time for friends and family. Finally, with a melancholy, I decided to brush AP aside.

But the separation didn’t last long. Writing became a difficult task without AP and I finally relinked back to it. But this time, things were much more aforethought and engineered to have some ‘Ticks and Tocks’ for friends as well.

So now you see what role creativity and recognition plays in the flourishing of a website. All you need to do is to provide something to be habituated to, and the process continues unstrained.

Heyy… It isn’t ov’r yet.There’s another such name,Indiblogger, which cannot be ignored forits role in the evolution of writer within me. When I first joined Indiblogger, I wasunmindful of the effectiveutilization of this amazing website, but with time, the elementsstarted spreading over my senses and I learnt about the wide variety of blogging that actually existed. It’s a website not only with beautiful aesthetics but has great loading speed and is one of the airiest. I fell in love with its enormous features like Get reviewed, voted, rated for your work, Rankings, Top Posts, not forgetting the long lists of friends, critics and contests that take place. It is a beautiful motivation for newcomers, andwhy not? After all, who doesn’t like freebies; be it material or immaterial?

Now here is something that all of you must have already witnessed; something from our everyday supper of social networking sites:

1.      Facebook
With no second thoughts, Facebook is the leading SNS of the time. This college effort by Mark Zuckerberg, having over 1.2 billion active users, helps you stay connected with your friends and acquaintances starting from your childhood buddies to your colleagues of near and far future. You may stalk your exes and there’s absolutely no need to remember birthdays of hundreds of those significantas well as despicable constituents of your so-called ‘Friend List’. Share your works and stay connected with your fans and readers via FB Pages. Or you may create communities for discussions regarding any matter. Such huge variety of chores like chats, messages, news feed, apps, games, pages and still one of the smoothest.

2.      Google Plus
G+ was in a favourable public reputation before its official launch as it was expected to emulate the lead of the hierarchy, Facebook. But unfortunately, things didn’t work out so well for Google, as was in the case of FB. The reason behind this is that they had nothing new compared to Facebook, other than its aesthetic appeal. Secondly, it is one of the slowest SNS I’ve ever come across till date.

Even though it didn’t succeed, still, it never fell. Even today, it isenduring quite comfortably. Any guesses, why? Its “Share with Public” feature is way broader than FB; turning it a boon for writers. Get Recognised! Even the non-writers, have a lot to do here. A lot to read and learn!

3.      Twitter
Get to the flashback of late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Did you ever expect to stay in touch with your deariechampions and superstars? That’s what Twitter does. It’s just like a dream come true. Isn’t it? The real example of creative initiatives!

Whateveryou do, go on for something unique if you want to survive millions out there. Since childhood, we have been hearing our parents say,“First impression is the last impression”. So here’s the time to get up with it.

If you want more eyeballs on your website, and want them to stick with it more often, you’ll need some good graphics for your website. Don’t use template that is available online for others to use. Pay someone to design a unique website for you. Don’t forget, thevisual aspect of your domain resembles your creativity and in turn, your service or company. So give it a unique face for people to relate and recallit with.

Apart from that, don’t forget-‘Content is the King’. Domains are no more just digital brochures. If you offer well written, original, easy to understand information, spiced up with good imagery, the chances of getting quality links and social media exposure are bigger. The whole point of the Internet is finding useful and relevant, but free information. If you’re able to convey it in a manner that stands out from the crowd you’re automatically step ahead from the others in the pool. They might arrive looking for one thing on your website and discover another service they weren’t aware of.

Ultimately, aim to be useful rather than just cluttering up the space. The most widely read blog posts are those, which people find useful in some way. So, give your readers something they can take away from the post and enact upon it in their actual lives. Give them a fresh way to look at a challenge. In a nutshell – The more useful you are, the more valuable your domain will be to your readers.

Furthermore, you can’t expect people to keep returning, if YOU don’t! For example, if a reader finds a new, useful post on your blog today, then returns in a few days and there’s nothing new, then returns a few days later and still nothing new – you stand a great chance of losing their interest. Conversely, if they find something useful on your blog every few days, they’re extremely likely to keep returning. When you publish posts infrequently, it’s almost like starting from zero each time. So just remember to keep updating things regularly.

Take aninstance of the journey of Facebookthus far and see how much things have changed since then.Appallingly, more people visited this multilingual website than Google for week ending March 13, 2010. Facebookprovides a number of features with whichusers may interact which include wall, pokes, photos, status, messages and the list extends down unto hell.

Facebook Notes          22/08/06
Gifts                             08/02/07
Marketplace                 14/05/07
FBbeta             20/07/08
Like button                   21/04/10
Voice call                          04/11
Video calls                   06/07/11
Subscribe                     14/09/11
Renamed ‘Subscribe’ with ‘Follow’ to avoid confusions in Dec’12

Millenaries ago, people used to cover miles on foot. With time, cycles ascended and brandished as a symbol of repute and riches. Then came the motor operated 2 wheelers that yieldeda hell lot of convenience. But today, luxury car is everybody’s foremost desire. Nobody is gratified with an ordinary 4-5 lakh 4 wheeler. That’s the society. People always perspire for more and more and you gottastay updated if want to stay alive in this competing world. Just go on for the demand of customers/ users and you’ll never bumble.

There is no reason ignoring why pornography is one of the never ending online businesses. They went as per the demand of the masses, and created a never ending e-market.

But the better part is that a yet another online activity overtook this demand of pornography. Aye! Social media has taken porn as the #1 activity on the web. But is your Strategy Inline?Just move step by step and notice. There lies Orkut, Linkedin, G+, Twitter, and FB and now thereare numerous others still competing, burieddeep under the foot hierarchy. Learn from mistakes, especially those of others, so you don’t get a chance to commit them. For example, Orkut didn’t get updated for long, and now it’s not wrong quoting,“RIP Orkut”.

Online gaming is yet another flourishing online business. It too is never-ending. You don’t need to download Gbs of games over your PCs, rather just play online. In games like Farmville, crime city, you have time limitations within which you have to respond back or you lose. So users are bound to play them on a regular basis, andthey don’t know when they grow accustomed to it and they end up, like, playing forever.

Bear in mind that every site has been designed with a specificaim and purpose, hence, none of them can be flawlessness in all panoramas. But a website can yet be successful if it executes the prerequisites for what it has been plotted for. So the point is, whateveryourgenre is, step out of your sleeves and do something out of your capabilities if you want to get recognised. Take care of the requirements, demands, appearance, load speed, updates etc. and try to make out something from this mixture, that none has sufficed yet.

But what actually makes a successful website? Whether you are starting from scratch or simply trying to improve the website that you already have, there are key components that every website should possess. Think of the last time you spent researching something on the Internet. Did you find websites that did not look good, were too cluttered or were difficult to navigate? In your own experience, what did you or would you do if faced with this scenario? I’d venture a guess that when faced with this situation, you would most likely leave and find a better, more functional website that more suitably meets your needs and features what you are looking for. Most consumers can tell within a few seconds after typing in a URL whether or not they wish to explore a site further, either by the speed with which the site loads and by the look and feel of your portal.

Here’s a brief description of the noteworthy attributes:

1.      Cognitive Content (CC): Keep the content worth reading and instil something unique and worth keeping up to.
2.      Post Periodicity (PP): Post frequently without exception, if you don’t want to lose your valuable readers.
3.      Visual Aspects (VA): Give your domain a face worth remembering.
4.      Load Speed (LS): It shouldn’t take centuries to load a page. Keep it restricted to about 8sec.
5.      Diversity of Features (DF): Broadness in the sense of variety to content and features you provide the visitors with.
6.      Simplicity (SC): Keep things simple and easier to understand; be it the context or the bristles and rumps of your website.
7.      Avoid curls and confusions:Be straightforward in sharing your beliefs and the way you share and showcase up things.
8.      Individualism: Uniqueness in the sense of all the above points.

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