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Young India- Responsible India

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

There is a vast expanse of corruption in socio-politico-economic system of the subcontinent ever since independence. There’s hardly any niche left devoid of corruption.We have been so gravelled of this moral depravity, from the day we gained our senses, that not a single wise being is concerned about politics now.And thinking logically, there’s nothing wrong in that. Apparently, why would people vote when they know none cares?

In the initial phase of a kid’s life, parents start conceiving of their child as an engineer; a doctor, and so forth. Later, our grown up mind articulates the very same verses. But, who’ll run the nation then… the dictatorsor the antitype?Parents forget the necessity they neglected, in their time, and are making their kids repeat the same. They didn’t care about political refinement and that is the reason why the nation is yet not over it. If they’d have thought about the nation and politics then, the country would haveflourished by now. It’s an absolute case of lack of motivation.

“The world is a dangerous place not because of people who do evil, but because of good people who do nothing about it.” –Albert Einstein

Ok, now let’s consider another facet; maybe none of them is good.But some mightatleast be better thanothers. For the time being, pull in all you can. And then… then rise up as another candidate. Choose the less poisonous of the snakes. Don’t just say, “I DON’T CARE”. Lacking involvementis the onlyreason the nation is dropping dead. Get civically engaged to solve the problem of voter turnout among youth.

“He did not care for the lying at first. He hated it. Then later he had come to like it. It was part of being an insider but it was a very corrupting business.” –Ernest Hemingway

It’s not that youth are not affected by what politicians do. Voting makes a difference, and especiallyto the students. They use petrol, pay taxes and need employment.Isn’t it? And the most tragic part is that they are very well aware of their sufferings, but still, NO REACTION. They have obliterated the habit of acting unitedly, exterminating threats to the foundations of ourdemocratic society.

Though not voting isn’t the best option, but remember, I didn’t ask to force them to vote. What good a vote be if done randomly. Step between the gap of force and motivation. Inspire them! For any sort of manipulation would be the waste of a valuable vote as it all comes from their habits and opinions, andimpressions of a clueless mind would lead to  nothing but ‘lay waste’.For that, one needs to know the reason behind it.

For years, India has beendominated by all 80, grey haired,feeding over the joints of constitutionalism. No youth joins elections, so no youth voters interested. Caste is a big political factor. Youth of 2013 doesn’t care about being a Hindu, Muslim or a Sikh… but still the government is ruling on the very same base.

Secondly, youth hates AARAKSHAN. Giving someone benefits not based on their talent is purely a token of unfairness and iniquity. Furthermore, they are not interested in theinterrelationships between spirituality… corruption… and democracy… This has made youth to hate government and politics so they are happy away from it. But the irony is that they should come forward. I once read a comment saying, “India was better at the hands of Britishers, than the xyz party”. So, if that’s the case, then make your own. All that a party does to us is our pay for 5yrs of trust anda ‘worthlessvote’.

Perhaps the fault lies in our expectations. Youth is but a stage in life that people pass through. They are more impressionable and thus more open to new ideas. That is why they are more radical and pro-change. They own a legacy of revolutionary ideologies, though, dinned by bogus politicians. All they need is to focus at a goal, far beyond the haze of theabstractsociety.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” –M. K. Gandhi

The countryearnestly requires a protagonist. Deep down, people are desperately looking for inspiring politicians that take their aspirations seriously. Young India is watching intently.

A suggestion of how Social Media and Networking can help overcome the voter turnout amongst youth. I choose WECHAT. There are numerous reasons why Wechat has been my preference for this revolutionarymovement:
-          It is reliable, private and always ON;
-          Readily available on android and all other smartphones, all for free;
-          Always ON, no logouts, never miss a message;
-          Get message alerts instantly with push notifications;
-          Instant messaging with group chats;
-          Crystal clear voice and video calls;
-          Real walkie-talkie mode;
-          Send photos and videos; and
-          Share, like and comment on photos.

Initiate the ‘YOUTHBelievers’Movement
YOUTH’ is nothing but “Younkers’ Outburst to Uproot the Tentacle Heads” and “Believers” means “those who dare to anticipate the need to revolutionize, for a better tomorrow.”

5 gifts for my Angel

Friday, December 27, 2013

Children are such a heavenly blessing, even the Gods can’t withstand. It can make a person go from a tragic to the gladdest. And when it comes to your own child, nothing in the entire world pleasures more than seeing them joyous and happy. Such is the delicacy and purity of a parent-child relationship that even a single scratch on his body, bruises your soul throughout. Then what about their entire life worries? How’d you protect them from the numerous bittersweet incidents of his life? Tougher one, huh!

What do you think matters most to your children? The school-taught lessons and practices, or is it the smile and hug you greet him with after school? I go on for the second one.

 It’s the small things that the parents do, that mean the most to the kids.

Following are some of the acquisitions, I’d like to gift to my children:
(I don’t have a young one yet, so the following hypothesis is as per a spectator’s perception and being a kid myself)

1. Give his Potentialities, a chance

What’s your response when your nestling strikes xyz and falls down the ground? Do you rush to pull him up? Or leave him down, lying there? Of course, it’s a silly question. Of course, you’ll break away to lift him up.

However, all fair it may seem to, it isn’t the best always. Stand back and let him handle challenging tasks on his own. Your tot will take risks and learn new things and grow up better equipped to face obstacles rather than retreat at the first sign of adversity.

Also, let your child know that things may not always work out at first, but he got to have faith in his capabilities until he finally succeeds. Instruct him that making mistakes is fine; it's also one of the best ways to learn.

It may seem quite ironic, but don’t always compliment and pat on his back. At times, letting him stay rooted to ground is the better option. Words like “You did a great job”, “You’re the best”, “You are a charming prince” tend to have a negative influence on him. Flattery undermines ambition because when we tell kids they are naturally good at things, we are telling them they don’t need to work hard to be good at it. Leave room for constructive criticism as well. After all, it’s the parents, who got to counterpoise their life on the right track.

2. Share your values.

What do you emphasize to your children? Scholarships? Degrees? Sports? Awards?
Which is more important? Accumulating big bucks of wealth or is it morals like forgiveness and compassion?

“Not all of my immature wishes were consummated. Not all the playthings I sobbed for, were bought. I didn’t get a good smartphone for years. I was the one liable for every mistake I committed. And maybe, that’s the reason, I’m HERE today.” – Arish Dhawan

The best thing I learnt from my dad is not to fulfil each and every desire of kids if you want them to respect the actual worth of things. Inculcate in your kid a sense of kindness, tolerance, responsibility, honesty, and persistence and what value they hold in the expansion of a true human being. Teach him what real wealth is. But, the key is not just to talk about them but to live them. When you're watching TV together, point out how a character embodies a positive trait.

Be a role model. Your child learns to cope with challenges and disappointments by watching how you do it. Speak to him in the same respectful manner you'd talk to a friend or a co-worker. If you do that, he'll be far more likely to listen, and feel comfortable coming to you for help or guidance.

3. Nurture your Relationship

Have you ever thought, “I want to give my children every opportunity I did not get.”? However this thought may seem good, but what if they just wished for more time to play? Children are incredibly wise and tend to see the world more simply than we do. So, before loading anything, look for what they enjoy most and what makes their hearts the happiest.

Try to see things from your child's perspective. If they lose something, show them that you get how it feels rather than just saying, "Calm down. It's got to be here somewhere". Don’t be annoyed that they are overreacting. You may say something like, “Let find it together. Ask Ironman if he saw it”, or something even sillier.

Every night, go to his bedroom, tuck him under a blanket and sing him a kiddie lullaby. Also tell him stories about your life when you were of his age. At dinner, talk about what you could do together on the weekend and at times, watch your favourite TV show together.

All they need is you’re a fraction of your affection and moments of your daily routine, more than any other material gift in the world.

4. Ethics above all

“Teaching them to count is fine But teaching them what counts is best”

Encourage your kid to always do the right thing and raise him for greatness, not success. As parents, you are the ones responsible to teach them Morality. But just teaching does not guarantee child will always make the right choice. He may still make many of his own decisions, obviously wrong ones at times. But when we teach children to go for the right always, with patience, grace, and love, they at least would have been taught the principle to make personal, wise decisions and that gives them a head start in recognizing when something is obviously the wrong choice, rather than what makes them feel good or right in their eyes.

You need to be a role model too. If you want your kid to be honest, don't let him catch you making up an excuse to your co-worker for not going to the office with an excuse of some emergency, when you were there lying at your bed, having snacks with coffee and watching football. What values would he learn if he sees you being dishonest for crappy little issues.

5. Give them Unconditional Love

Perhaps, no other gift or quality is more divine than this one. Children must be evinced that they are truly loved and accepted by their parents. They n

eed to hear, see, know, and feel that no matter what they do, they’ll always be loved without conditions.

Give them the kind that lasts from their birth, until your death. Give them hugs and kisses, sit and have private conversations. The children who feel cherished by their parents tend to be more secure and self-confident than those who don't. Kids have a universal need to feel loved. A habit of saying "I love you" every day when your child leaves for school and goes to bed is fair enough start. Wrap yourself and your child in a blanket on a cool evening as you read together. Tickle them awake in the morning, and cuddle on the couch in the evening. Make it a routine to make them feel loved and blessed by “The best parents of the world”.

This post is dedicated to my Love, my Niece, SAHIRA. Love you lots, Mitthe <3 <3

The Miraculous www

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Every blogaholic, in his lifespan,faces such days where he starts worrying about how to pull in more and more readers and techniques to uphold their interest to keep visiting time and time again. Some of them conformextremely well and set milestones, while others just get swallowed up, leaving behindthe perks of blogging. It is as simple as ABC if you get it, else Rocket Science seems much gentler. So if you are one of those planning for a domain spaceor refurbishing an existing one, think again!

With over 150,000 websites being created every twenty-four hours, the increasing competition online couldtakethe heck out of you.That means, you have to give your website that additional venture in order to win the sale, keeping in mind that your product, service and/or company will be compared to other competitors. Consequently, you need to show why you are different, and whypeople should choose your service over others’.

Before getting any further, I have something to share from my diary of encounters and experiences:

I have been inditing poems ever since I was in class 8, but still I was unsure if I was a poet, ‘cause I never had beenofficially recognised as one of them. None other than a bunch of friends were aware of who I actually was. Then one promisingday, I decided to join Blogger, and that I feel, has become one of the dearest decisions of mine. It wasn’t merely a banausic domain for me, but a platform to disseminatesomething beyond the horizons of what I actually appear to be.It was an amazing package with a free domain space, beauteous, simple and speedy templates; decent enough for a newbie, like me, to start up with.

But therearose a yet another problem- “I relished writing over those blank pixels,but only when I had a deluge of thoughts overflowing my mind, so could I compile. I added up into a poet but it used to take months to complete a single verse.”

Uski Kahani, Usi ki Zubani

Saturday, December 7, 2013

A girl has a story to reveal. The following poem is what she has to say about her life and how things changed from NOWhere to NOwhere. Do read out her diary with due respect.

So unpredictable could life be
The once most euphoric art
Chances a life, difficult to breathe
And essentials just shatter apart

That peeress has turned a writer now
Sober-sided, mature, a storm’s fury
Oftentimes, equated as unrefined though
But here I unclothe my diary, my real story

Talking to a friend, as I stepped ahead
Down fell the books and I stuck thoughtless
When of a sudden, a swift guy smashed
And ploughed ahead as if a senseless

Returned with an apology, he left a glance
But his nefarious look mirrored his intensions
He had his go just to put a chance
And there I sparked disputing his pretensions
Such was my first day at college in France

Who thought it was a mere beginning
Wherever I went, he’d shadow
The corridor, library and even in the canteen
I saw him standing outside my hostel window

Even in dreams did he fright me now
A wretched face that never let sleep
Time and time again, it boiled up the brim
When one day I did stop him
Why is it that it’s always you?

Silent, he spoke nothing
While I kept bashing crude and vulgar
Life is for tamed, you aren’t worth it
Followed with a slap there spread the silence
But he stood hopeless, still shameless

My friend came across the other day
Told, he was once famed, bright as success
But a bump in life unhinged his way
A err he made falling for a trespasser
He tried but failed, and failed again

I felt something surging up my heart
But before I could forfeit and decide
A bang and an accident near the roadside mart
And we sped to see, a bit 'fraid inside
Floored; it was none other than the hapless guy

Still pumping, with his body torn apart I  was surprised to see a parcel
With my name on it; his heart
And he held me embraced in his hands
And I was the one stood numb to cry
For it wouldn’t have happened if I’d try
Confused of what just happened? And why?

Years passed and now I write
Still holding pain, somewhere deep inside
Knocking myself and I still regret
Just a hope that one day he’d forgive
For the futurity I couldn’t interpret

I write and write just with a wish
That someday I could forget and get over it

And achieve what, in years, I had to miss
And die of my own, in Solitude’s bliss…

This post is a part of Write Over the
Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by Blogadda
It’s the first time I’ve participated for WOW, so not sure whether a poetry is eligible for it, but I did all I could, rest is upto them.