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What’s more compelling??

Thursday, October 3, 2013

What’s more compelling
I ponder
Standing at my window
As a cool breeze
Be-freezes me

19yrs from now
An angelic possession
And yes, a sweetheart
Aroma tallies her name

A hexad and ten months
For the life of a story
Agelong and unilateral
But kudos
For the things she taught

The natal day
A festivity for her beau
Blissed it feels
For her accretion
Though the farthest

But the day is
More of bittersweet
Or a nightshade
For it echoes
The dark lurking my life

A yet another angel
I recall this day
As her remembrance day
For, my mamma was born

A teacher, beau idéal
And a caretaker
I lost at 14
Left unwary
Of what love meant
Or felt

Recall, glad, sad
Cry, laugh and miss
Are some of the day's tags
For its certain
Or a dilemma

As I wrote sooner
"What’s more compelling"
I now ask of you
Brook by the window
And answer what first
Bruises you

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