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Long Live you Morons

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Friends are screw drivers in the mechanism of life. So this is a dedication to all those screw drivers who drastically influenced my life. This is for all those besties who left, who returned, and those who were…. like….there forever...

Ankush Singla (Noni), Gurbhakhash Rai, Gaurav Gupta, Harpreet Singh (Preeto), Roshan Yadav (B…), Namisha Bansal (Moto), Kamal Saini, Anil Baweja (Neelu), Reema (Kalo), Rinkz (Bachi), Manpreet Walia, Arjun Maurya, Ajay Kumar (Khatri), Manhar Preet, Lovprit Singh (Lovely), Jasmin (Jassi), Surbhi (Rasgulla). This post is truly for you all…

When the season of the autumn does climb
Thy solitude gathers the fallen plight
Struck midway, steps spring up a sudden rhyme
Out of the expense of carer’s vanished sight

When you’re engaged in love; omitting me
I won’t abide to intervene and burthen
But when that blessing turns out a decree
I’ll be there and arouse back your loved one

Though not together for now and forever
I’ll stand holding on through roast and the fry
Hid in death’s arms, lie helpless as graver
Watching your damnations, I would long cry

But if the while you think of me sustains
Loses restored and I glee all again

Love you all guys... Thanks for being there...

HAPPY FRIENDSHIP one and to all...

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