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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Before getting any further, I'd like to thank the wonderful Peotess +Neetu Choudhary and congratulate PreciousGlories for receiving its first guest post. She has been an avid writer at Awesome Writers for months and each of her pennings have been purely heartfelt, and as a result, each of them bears upon the readers' mind and soul.

She shares one of hers most earnest wish...... Love

And here she goes,

Kuchh ibadat me manga hai Rabb se
Kuchh dua bhi ki hai Rabb se

Inhein Farmaishein na kaho
Bas Izarat ki hai Rabb se

Apne Ishq bayaa khatir
Kuchh mannatein ki Rabb se

Inhe na maang kaho jahaan walo
Ye Mohabbatein Ishq ki
Kuchh zubaa mangi hai Rabb se

Don't forget to congratulate her for her wonderful talent insisting her to keep penning forever.
And Neetu Ji, appologies for my first mail...:)

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