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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Before getting any further, I'd like to thank the wonderful Peotess +Neetu Choudhary and congratulate PreciousGlories for receiving its first guest post. She has been an avid writer at Awesome Writers for months and each of her pennings have been purely heartfelt, and as a result, each of them bears upon the readers' mind and soul.

She shares one of hers most earnest wish...... Love

And here she goes,

A Marvel of Mechanchis

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

            For the first time, an in-campus Industrial Training was being held in the history of our Varsity. There were blended flavours in the ambiance; those who actually wanted a conditioning were cheerful while those who used to get a prefabricated training certificate by their father’s grace were badly disheartened and were lashing out. But there was nothing we could do. Administration’s decision was final.

In the initial phase of training, we were being taught Pro/E and I was very fortunate to have already done the certified course and as a result, I was able to build a good impression over Deepak Sir (Founder of Technology Uncorked) that helped my team in earning a good sum of kudos. Sorry, I escaped informing you that I was chosen as the team leader of one of the 15 teams (4 members each) who had to design and manufacture a mini car that would actually work.

So, after 3 weeks of practicing the design software, it was finally time to start working for the car. We as Mechanchis (mechanical students) had to design the main structure of the car. Everyone in the lab was delirious about it, unaware of what’s gonna happen in the near future.

Next day, we all arrived at the Machine Lab where the accessories were dispensed. The accessories included a 1 sq. ft. metal sheet, 5 gears, 2 motors, 4 wheels, shafts, collars, a spanner, plier and varying types and sizes of nuts, bolts and washers. After distributing it all, the incharge said, “Commence with your innovation Boys.”

We quickly snaffled our stuff seated in an orbitual scaffold around it. Suddenly, we realise, “How could we?” I mean, it was the first time we had such a rattling project in our hands and hence, were clueless of from-where-to start-it.

An hour passed, and everyone still grabbing something or the other in his hands, dumbed down to lacking intellectual acuity. I and Puneet have done diploma in Mechanical so we had some knowledge of a differential (differential is a gear mechanism used to vary the speed of both the rear wheels that helps in easy turning without skidding), but this was totally dissimilar to a real one. We just had a set of gears to convert it to differential. So we went to the Automobile Lab to recall the real differential. The actual differential has 4 planet gears but we were provided with only 3. We just started hashing out our approximates and by the end of the day, we had our differential in our hands. The sense of achieving a step towards accomplishment, I cannot convey the blitheness of that very moment.

Our Differential

The succeeding day, was a much fresher one. A chill of drizzle showers made it more of an enjoyment-day. People were quite contented with their previous day performance which made them more cavalier. One of my team-mates went to the Administration Block to help his friend with his official work, another: busy having talks with his girlfriend. I, along with the remaining fellow, started discussing about the main design of the chassis (Chassis is the base plate of the car on which the entire parts of the car are attached). He was more of an amusing kind of guy. So, as expected, he started giving comical suggestions. Rather than taking heed to his silly talks, I preferred spectating others’ seeds and assisting my roommate’s team in their toughie.

Long Live you Morons

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Friends are screw drivers in the mechanism of life. So this is a dedication to all those screw drivers who drastically influenced my life. This is for all those besties who left, who returned, and those who were…. like….there forever...

Ankush Singla (Noni), Gurbhakhash Rai, Gaurav Gupta, Harpreet Singh (Preeto), Roshan Yadav (B…), Namisha Bansal (Moto), Kamal Saini, Anil Baweja (Neelu), Reema (Kalo), Rinkz (Bachi), Manpreet Walia, Arjun Maurya, Ajay Kumar (Khatri), Manhar Preet, Lovprit Singh (Lovely), Jasmin (Jassi), Surbhi (Rasgulla). This post is truly for you all…

When the season of the autumn does climb
Thy solitude gathers the fallen plight
Struck midway, steps spring up a sudden rhyme
Out of the expense of carer’s vanished sight

When you’re engaged in love; omitting me
I won’t abide to intervene and burthen
But when that blessing turns out a decree
I’ll be there and arouse back your loved one