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Ecstasy of being Invincible

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cancer is a class of diseases characterized by out-of-control cell growth. There are over 100 different types of cancer, and each is classified by the type of cell that is initially affected. Cancer is ultimately the result of cells that uncontrollably grow and do not die. Normal cells in the body follow an orderly path of growth, division, and death. Unlike regular cells, cancer cells do not experience programmatic death and instead continue to grow and divide. This leads to a mass of abnormal cells that grows out of control.

Among various diseases, cancer has become a big threat to human beings globally. As per Indian population census data, the rate of mortality due to cancer in India is high and alarming with about 806000 existing cases by the end of the last century. Cancer is the second most common disease in India responsible for maximum mortality with about 0.3 million deaths per year. In 2007, cancer claimed the lives of about 7.6 million people in the world.

Coming down to the regional level, the "BREAD BASKET" of India is in the throes of cancer. At 90 cancer patients for every 1 lakh population in Punjab, it's more than the national average of 80 per lakh. The Malwa region (comprising Bathinda, Mansa, Muktsar, Patiala and Sangrur) of the state - known as the cancer belt - has the highest average of 136 cancer patients per 1 lakh people. On an average, 18 people die of cancer each day. There are 23,874 cancer patients in the state and 33,318 lives have been lost in cancer-related deaths during last five years. Even I too have lost a few of my near ones to it. [You may have a look here]

“Malwa zone of Punjab sitting on cancer volcano: Survey”

“Are the farmers in Punjab paying a price for the Green revolution?”

Most cancer victims in the worst-hit Bathinda district travel 10 hours to a charity hospital in Bikaner by train. It's known as "The Cancer Express". "No one even says the word 'cancer' anymore; the moment people say they are 'going to Bikaner', it's understood why."

Scientists and biologists from all over the world are enormously working on how to entirely cure and eradicate this dreadful disease. Shree Bose, a 17yr oldie, is one such person. At the age of 15, she lost her grandfather to cancer. This incident prompted her to think how a group of tiny cells could make a person so frail and helpless that one surrenders his life, fighting against it. She wanted to do something for it, and this was when she started writing to all local labs and Professors. She was just attempting a way to get involved. To her fate, none entrusted a high schooler on such a vast issue and consequently, there were dozens of rejections. But she never called it a day. At last, she met Dr. Alakananda Basu, who made her to involve in cancer research, at mere 15.

It’s all the matter of developing a legitimate passion and making an initiative towards it. Just step beyond the bounce of what you have learnt in classes, that bookish cramming. For her unaltered crusades, she was chosen as Glamour Magazine’s ‘AMAZING YOUNG WOMAN OF THE YEAR’. She felt their pain empathetically, as something she wanted to help for; her interest became her passion and she was ready to sacrifice anything for it.

It starts with thinking about the entire arena you’re interested in and that you are passionate about and something you can really enjoy doing. Find a field that you’d really work for and just believe that whatever work you’re doing will pay off, because it will. Have faith in yourself.

Before getting any further, let me inform you I’m a mechanical engineer(ing student). Now, what if I complete my graduation with 80% aggregate by cramming up things, but do nothing out of it? What’s the fun of spending lakhs of bucks, if my knowledge couldn’t come at the service of others, or, couldn’t do anything for those in need of it? Smiling for someone is sweet, but making someone smile is the best feeling!

Want to know what your purpose in life is? Simple. Hold your hands in front of you. Now look at them. There is your purpose and means to do it.
Purpose is your ability to take the creative energies you have and communicating them with the world. You and I might pick different mediums, but the act of purpose is exactly the same. Don’t worry if you haven’t found the right medium. Once you feel that great purpose for your life and it comes from within, that is your greatest asset. With that belief you are the leader of your own life because it's faith in something and enthusiasm for something that makes a life worth living.

Do inspire the rest as well. Ask them to follow their fascinations rather than ‘Dumbing oneself down’ by the failures, and gags of others. Go and find out the idea of attaining something fascinating, going off and discovering yourself when you didn’t know what your potentialities actually are. Sky is not the limit, it is merely a beginning. And once you attain those heights, those moments would be just indescribable, moments that’d just take your breath away. Imagine yourself standing in front of hundreds of thousands of populaces who appreciate your endeavours and you are now being admired for it. Don’t forget, happiness isn’t by having endless wealth and a luxurious life, it’s by doing what you like and trading your lifetime for the wellness and solace of others. I've always thought anyone can make money. Making a life worth living, that's the real test.

The point is that Dare to Dream, break out of your chamber and change the way how you think. That can make all the difference to the world. Pick something you’re excited about, an innovative solution to a problem that affects you. Those can offer to be the best projects, be it the inclusion of medical research like Shree Bose, or an engineering innovation, an unpublished draft left hidden in your drawers or something none has even thought about, yet. Do whatever you wish to, but don’t stagnate your life, merely dreaming, and the most of all, stop making excuses for the efforts not made or you’ll always be obstructed at the same place, unable to get any forward. Come up with solutions to bring your dreams to life.

Sometimes the slightest things change the directions of our lives, the merest breath of a circumstance, a random moment that connects like a meteorite striking the earth. Lives have swivelled and changed direction on the strength of a chance remark. So don’t let go off a chance that sustains the potentialities of dynamically changing your lives. It's funny, no matter how hard you try, you can't close your heart forever. And the minute you open it up, you never know what's going to come in. But when it does, you just have to go for it! Because if you don't, there's no point in being here.

And you’ll say, “One day, I’m not even sure what happened, but EVERYTHING JUST CHANGED.”

Written for the contest: Franklin Templeton Investments partnered the TEDxGateway Mumbai in December 2012 for SHREE BOSE’s VIDEO

The Studmuffins

Friday, July 26, 2013

It’s been 5yrs since I joined this company and as a regard for my selfless efforts and hardwork, I got promoted to the City of Engineers- Gurgaon. This novel city gave me everything I ever desired for- name, fame, love and what not. I’m now the proprietor of a lovely dream house with servants, cars with drivers, and a good bank balance. Also, recently I met the love of my life; who is also my co-worker; and we are finally planning a life ahead.

After a good relationship, today I’m finally consorting her to my place to meet my family. Hope it all goes well…

I pick her up after our office closure and drive her to my house. She was cheerily welcomed by all my relatives. After a few rituals, they took her inside and all the people amassed at the drawing room, and started the interrogation. A question from him, and a question from her. She looks at me and I console her to be bold and not forgo. It all goes well; she was liked by one and all and finally, the engagement was fixed. We were at the fool's paradise and I just held her hand and took her to my room upstairs.

As I opened the door, she enters the room, sits on my bed rolling her hazel eyes all over, “Ahmm! Nice room. Wonderful arts. –Must say, you got a nice book shelf as well. What all have you got there?”

Me: It’s my small home-library, but has a live collection of some of the most exceptional pieces of writings by the legends. I love reading, you know… – And there are some of my drafts, a few published novels and my regular diary memoirs. I’m really passionate for writing as well.

She picks up a random novel and shuffles through its pages, “Wow! That’s amazing.”

She then picks up a dusty treasury brown piece, with a shiny golden appendage curling out the binding, spangling into my eyes.

Me: No, not that!
She: Why? Is it the memoir of your ex? [Starts laughing]
Me: No, actually it’s a journal, an old memoir. It would be boring to you.
She: But I want to read it.
Me: It’s a testimonial of a road trip I had with my friends in our B. Tech final year and showcases all the mischiefs we did throughout the tour. Do you still want to read it?
She: Of course! Why not? Let me see what all you did in your twenty-somethings. Please! Please! Please!
Me: Ok, then let me narrate it to you.
She: OH…that’d be great.

Me: It was a memoir of one of the most life propelling horripilates of my life, and it’s really hard admitting those euphonious days are now exscinded. Those were nothing but a handful of the golden sands of time which now has bewinded up in the air, conquering the curvy waves of the holy winds of life.
I just wrote it in one instance, as I went by. No pause, no breaks, nothing. There were moments when the quill moved apace, staging the smile on my lips into it, while there were others, I burst out into laughter, remembering our rascalities. Some instances made me emotional, and I could hardly scribble anything up. So, it is a cocktail of a variety of sentiments, leading it to being one of the most heartfelt and memorable pennings by me.

SCENE A- 14th June, 2013

We had a 2 month vacation in which we had a month to spend for our industrial training program and the remaining duration, just say, for mere relaxing or visit relatives. We all had already moved to our ways back home.

On the way, I was really depressed. These were our last vacations together. I mean, no more irritating each other, no more sleepless nights and no more groupings with friends. So how could we manage wasting them on no-work-trainings-with-lazy-government-officials? So I spoke up to Sumit and Lovprit for a get-together and contrive something fascinating.

They were the nuttiest of all. There was not a single moment they didn’t fight to the loss of property and succeedingly blamed the other for that. But it was all a part of that dulcet tenderness we had for each other. It was the best thing about our friendship. Sumit being a fun loving and easy-living guy. And Lovprit, a fearless and straight forward person. They never let a chance miss away for begetting something witty.

So, here we were; Arish (me), Lovprit and Sumit, all set for an adventure. But it seemed like something was still lacking. Yup, ‘twas Roshan. They said he won’t come 1100 kms, leaving all and everything for a silly head trip- "You’re wasting time". But I knew we were just a phone call away.

Roshan is one of those buddies who always used to screw me up to make something out of my life and always trying to drag me on the right track; and very wise as well but totally dumb. Ok, that’s a separate matter, so finally I decided to ring him up that evening.

Me: Heyy buddy! Wassup??
Roshan: Me great! You say…
Me: Same here. Actually we were planning to…
Roshan: Ya! Ya! Others told me. Sorry yaar, but I won’t be able to catch up with you guys this time. Have a lot of work at home.
Me: Come on, yaar. It would be great fun together.
Roshan: Nai yaar. You guys carry on.
Me: Don’t you intend to breathe anymore? Shut up, and tell me when are you coming?
Roshan: Ok! Ok! I'll be there. I won’t have much days to spend. So, plan everything by then. Btw, where are we going?
Me: Mm... Let me conference call others and we’ll discuss then.

Me: Heyy guys, how’s it all going? Here’s Roshan with us at the conference call.
Roshan: Heya buddies! So where are we heading this year?
Lovprit: I guess Shimla would be fine?
Me: Heyy, what about Goa?
Roshan: And Gujarat?

All came up with their own choices, but none could attract any interest of others. All of a sudden, Sumit blinked from nowhere, “A road trip!”
Lovprit: Yea… That seems to be a cool idea, Dhull.
Sumit: But where’d we go? J&K? Rajasthan? Or maybe a religious tour?

My eyes were widening dense and someone had already anticipated it in my eyes.
Roshan: No! No! Please, no! Please don’t say “The Adventure Track” [TAT].
Me: You got it, my boy! It’s an open road across deserts, mountains, sea, forests and what not. Who knows wherever we gonna be? No rules… Just us, the wind, the road to nowhere. We camp out for a week, whenever we want, wherever we want. I mean, that’s freedom, man.
Lovprit: Great, that’s final, then! But what about the car? How’d we travel there?
Me: Leave it unto me. We’ll all meet at the jogger’s park soon after our training days are over.


Look there! Here begins the story of 4 audacious guys- Arish (me), Lovprit, Sumit and Roshan. – Walking aline, in slow motion, as if the superstars of a blockbuster movie. All of a sudden, there’s a tape recorder’s chirping sound and,

Sumit: Lovprit: Roshan: - WTF….!! Where did you get that monster (Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 1959)?
Me: It’s the theme of the contest. So that’s not our headache. You just concentrate on our trip. [:p]

We finally dropped all our luggage and other essentials into the car bonnet and set ready for the biggest adventure of our lives. Me at the driver’s seat, Lovprit alongside, and Roshan and Sumit at the rear seats.

Me: Buckle up guys, let’s put some real miles to our monster. And here we go…


The beginning didn’t turn out to be that sporting. Desolated roads with alongside verdure and dogs barking, following the car; some nature’s songs turning the situation to be further draggier. ‘Seems like it would rain today.’ Getting out of my senses, at last, I changed the song. Then Roshan again tuned it to the previous tormenting lullabies. Getting devilled, Sumit then turned to some unintelligible Haryanvi song. When all were fighting for nothing, how could a Punjabi lag behind? Lovprit further tuned to a rocking Punjabi song.

All of a sudden, a crackling sound was heard and the very next moment, a silence geysered the player. The panorama ended up to damaging the music player. Rather than checking up for errors, all started brawling, “You did it! You did it!”, “You made us dozy with your lullabies!”, “You pressed it the last time.”, “and I didn’t do anything. This crap crashed itself!” and a million other excuses. And the remaining journey became more quiescent than usual.

After hours of boring motoring on a straight-no-turn-road, we finally got a glimpse of humanity, at the road’s vanishing point. As we approached closer, they turned out to be a group of chill ravishers buzzing out on a gypsy, maybe for a road trip like us. Sumit and Roshan got charged up and started winding up the car roof, ending up in blemishing the roof. It could not be propelled any further.
Me: Screw you, idiots.
Roshan: I didn’t. Sumit did it.
Sumit: You started it all.
Me: Shut up, you morons. Look what you did. What if…

Suddenly there was a lightening in front of our eyes and we could ascertain sullen overcasts incubating over the monsoon's azure weather. In a split second, there was a hailstorm out there and we were broken down in search of a dry safe billet to refuge the car. We were now covering our car with our own clothes just to ensure the trip was still ON, though we ourselves were dripping of the nature’s diamond dust.


That night we planned a stay in the woods itself. So we set up the tents and compiled fire woods from the forest. We were next sitting in the middle of the woods, next to a fireplace, all surrounded by tall endless trees, the dark denser than my hair, I’d say. Ropes anchored betwixt the trees and douse apparels suspending on them to unthirst up.

Sumit: It would have been some ill-omened clock when we cogitated up a trip here.
Me: Camp tents; fireplace and relaxing fire chills with your best friends, what else could you wish of life?
Roshan: Absolutely! Thanks guys for calling me here.  I’d have surely been roasted at home.
Lovprit [eating his roasted marshmallows]: The shit’s nice, but I feel thirsty now.
Me: Me either. But who’s going to fetch water here?
Lovprit [humorously]: It’s Sumit’s turn.
Sumit: WTF… I won’t go alone into that doomed woods. Get along, or stay thirsty.

So we all plan to move together to the woods, hand-in-hand in search of water. We were all scared but none showed up.
Lovprit [On the way]: Now just pay your ears to what I say,
There was once a man, standing down the sidewalk of a road, hitchhiking in the middle of a thunderstorm on a dark moonless night. Time passed, but no cars went by. It was raining so hard that he could hardly see his hand in front of his face…”

Roshan: WTF are you trying to do? Scare us to fatality?
Lovprit: Shh… just listen. It’s an arousing popup for the situation.
 “…Suddenly he saw the headlights of a car approaching over a nearby hill. The car was creeping very slowly, approaching and appearing ghostlike in the rain. It slowly and silently crept towards him and stopped. Wanting a ride real bad, the guy jumped in the car and closed the door; only then did he realize that there was nobody over the steering, and no sound of the engine to be heard over the rain. Again the car crept slowly forward and guy was terrified, too scared to think of jumping out and running…”

Sumit [in a contracted voice]: Look at my trembling hands, and tumid Goosebumps. How long do I have to bear these up?  
 Lovprit: It’s just the end, don’t interrupt.
“…The guy saw that the car was approaching a sharp curve and, still too scared to jump out, he started to pRoshan for his life, as he was sure the ghost car would go off the road and into the river, and he would surely drown!
But just before the curve, a shadowy figure appeared at the driver’s window and a ghostly hand turned the steering wheel, guiding the car safely around the bend. Then, just as silently, the hand disappeared through the window and the hitchhiker was alone again…”

Me: I’m shivering to heel. Just get to the last part.
Lovprit: “…Paralyzed with fear, the guy watched the hand reappear every time they reached a curve. Finally the guy, scared to near death, had all he could take and jumped out of the car and ran to town.

Wet and in shock, he went into the nearest bar and told everybody about his supernatural experience. A silence enveloped the room and everybody got Goosebumps when they realized the guy was telling the truth about the strange car and the ghostly hand that guided it on its way.
Just then, two men walked into the bar. They were dripping wet and as they took off their rain gear, they looked around the room. Their eyes came to rest on the hitchhiker.

“Look!” said one of the men, “There’s the idiot who jumped into our car when we were pushing it in the rain.”

Roshan: Let me visualize you a live murder scene now. Just let my hands grip hold of you.


Next morning, we continued with our road conquering with Sumit driving over an ancient bridge of the wild dry succulents. We were all getting low as there was nothing interesting to do. When of a sudden, Sumit drifts the car at a steep turn and we all get renewed of our locked senses. And here he drifts again and Roshan standing and spreading his arms and shouting “Yippee…!” This trick was enough to awaken the slept monsters inside of us.

Suddenly Sumit applies the brakes and runs out of the car.

Roshan: What happened, Dumbo?
Sumit: I need to pee…..
Me: Wait, let’s join you.
And next we were standing- peeing at a mountain bridge like open wild hogs and these morons, once again, up with their fights, pushing each other.
Me: Gentlemen, you gonna remember these as the good old days.
Lovprit: So why wasting time? Let’s get involved, yea…

Driving a little further of the mud hills, we were now searching for some shelter to save ourselves from the burning daylight. It was hotter than a freshly roasted chicken and we could see hay rolls rolling all over. Getting on, we finally reached a dhaba and just rushed out our cars to get there.

Sumit [Gets out of the car and tangles down the ground]: Why giving that look? The damn leg’s asleep.
As I was trying to control my laughter, I could hear the chuckles and we all boozed to laughter. Next we all get to the manjis and fall like we got lifeless the very moment, give our orders and take rest.
Roshan: I’m getting wetty, I need a cigarette to dry up. [Lighting up his cigarette] – I won’t get any further now. An inch would be a mile now. I’m staying here.

So we all plan to spend the afternoon at the dhaba, safe from getting roasted in actual.


It’s been a better evening, and here’s Lovprit, all set for driving. We take some extra stowed comestibles for the further journey and locomote up into the car.

Lovprit: The meter’s falling. We could be out of petrol any moment. We should talk to the dhaba owner about it.
Me: It’s the TAT! There’d be a petrol pump every few steps.

After a few miles, we were found pushing the car up the hill and all others gazing at me as we just crossed a sign board showing “Next petrol pump 5mile ahead

Me: What??? I never knew the Tourist Department would be a mongoloid.
Roshan: @$#&%

After a few hours of push-and-rest, we arrived at a shantytown. To our extreme surprise, the entire town seemed uninhibited, as if in a blackout. After an hour of exploring the town, we atlast came across a man.

Roshan: Excuse me, sir! We were here for an adventure trip but we’re out of petrol now. Would you please guide us to the nearest petrol pump?
Man: It’s at about a 2min walk to the left.
Sumit: Thank you, sir. [Hesitating] –Where are the people of the town gone, all in all?
Man: There’s an annual carnival going on in this town. People from all over the sub-continent come to visit time and time again. You are here for good.  Delicious food, gorgeous girls, thrilling rides, you won’t wish to lose such a chance.

So we depart and head towards the guided path. We fill up the car and take some extra petrol in an empty tin container.

Sumit: Heyy guess what? The trip’s back on…
Me: The Annual Carnival, here we come.

It was mere a 10min drive to the carnival, and as we reached there, we were totally balled over. That hotchpotch was totally unexpected from such a hapless small town. There were thousands of visitors who seemed from foreign lands as well. Rides kissing the night sky, rows of mini restaurants and other stalls.

There our eyes caught a lady in old frown announcing, “Welcome to the Hogs Hub, one of the most renounced beer bar of TAT”. Hearing the name ‘beer’, we couldn’t resist ourselves from getting there.
As we entered the bar, a skinny gorg came to us and very gently she asked if we wanted to have something. We ordered beer after beer for all. Soon there was a rock show on the stage as we all got on. We started singing and boogieing and did everything a drunk would wish to do. Soon people joined us to enjoy the evening. And the fun we had, I’m sure they won’t forget in lifetime.

Sumit [standing weighed on the table]: Hah! Had a lot of fun. – Hey look, that bar girl is approaching towards us.
Bar girl: You guys totally rocked today. Haven’t seen you earlier. Are you new here?
Sumit [Trying to indulge her]: Ya, I’m Sumit and we are here to have some fun out of our lives.
Bar girl: Glad to hear that. I’m Ankita. [To Roshan] Why are you silent?
Sumit: He’s just like that. When screwed up, he’s totally on the hook. That guy used to get high a lot.
Roshan [to Sumit]: It’s in my skin, bitch. I’m not drunk! I’m not drunk!
Bar girl: [Laughs] you’re really funny.
And in this way, a new love story begins. We were conscious she was fascinated about him, so we left them alone to spend some memorable moments together before we leave the town.

In the meanwhile, I, Sumit and Lovprit go out to check the night life of the town. On the way, we come across Lamborghini Veneno, the most expensice car in the world, and we just rush out of our car, leaving all the doors open, to have a close look at it. Suddenly a crazy drunk starts yelling at us, showing us pride of his luxurious ride.

Drunk: What do you insects know about Lamborghini?
Lovprit: Mind your language sir. We were just having a look at it.
Drunk: I know people like you very well. These are all tricks. Let’s have a car race. Who so ever loses, will have a dare to do, commanded by the winner.
Sumit: Done, then. – Gentlemen, it’s the real deal!
Lovprit: Seems like heading towards untimed graves?
Me: Don’t you remember the rule of our trip? Whatever, whenever, wherever; just to ensure our life is not controlled by fear.

We were all ready for the race. “Ready, Steady, GO”. As the traffic light turns green, our car jumps off the crosswalk. The fronts of the cars were struggling, maintaining the lead. At moments, he bagged the lead, and at others, we were at lead.
Half of the race was over, cars hotfooted down the road but still competing to break the equilibrium of the two. But there was something we still weren’t aware of.
All of a sudden, the drunk man vroomed his car with its mysterious nitros. Within no time, he just vanished in the dust clouds formed as it passed by. As it was all clear, we lose the race. Reaching the finish line with our faces descended in disgrace, we creep towards the man, to take heed of our task. He looked around, thought for a while, and said,
“Do you see that bull? –Just go and slap his back.”
Lovprit: Ha, good joke. We’re ready for the dare, just name it!
Drunk: Bull slap… you afraid?
Me: Fine! We’ll do it.
Sumit: Arish, I’m with you. Lovprit, you stay here with the car.

So, I and Sumit start heading slowly towards the bull, holding each other’s hands. Raising over my toe, I slapped the bull and reversed back as soon as I could. But the tempestuous bull proved to be way faster than us and there remained absolutely no chance that we could return back to the car. We ran and hid ourselves in a desolated street, so the bull won’t find us.
As I turned my back, I saw a group of bulls, lying and having their naps. We were left aghast and numb for the next couple of moments. At last, we decided to crawl across the aisle between those hell’s gatekeepers. Of a sudden, a cracking sound was heard, and the very next moment, we were surrounded by giant creatures, whom earlier we used to call merely ‘bulls’.
We ran through streets and abandoned allies, thoughtless what could happen in there, just running to save our lives. After escaping into the maze for about an hour, we could see a cluster of expensive sky lights with fireworks and we knew we had reached the other corner of the town, where we all started with; at the bar.

We get back to the bar and meet Roshan. He was still sitting with the bar girl at the same place we left them.
Sumit: How far did it reach, Roshan?
Roshan: Ha! Nothing much. Ankita was just telling me how she landed up into this town, and further, working in this bar.
Me: Seems you guys are having a lot of fun here, but… [Looking at Lovprit]
Lovprit: It’s already too late. Guess we should leave now.
Roshan: You guys carry on. I’ll wait here till you end up the trip.
Lovprit: You need to get along. We’ll return, for sure.
Roshan: Ah! Wish we could spend some more time here.

We all move towards the car leaving Roshan and Ankita alone to have their final goodbyes.

Roshan: We gotta go, Ankita. Wish I could stay here with you.
Ankita: Nevermind. You’re on an adventure trip. It should be full of new experiences and new locations. You carry on with your trip, but don’t forget to revisit after it’s all over.

Roshan holds her hand and cuddles her gently. That’s how badly they had been influenced by the affection of a few hours, and the fear of separation, pinching to eternity. The best thing about Roshan is that he can win anybody’s heart; and he’s really good at it…  They finally have their goodbye kiss and a tear drops off Ankita’s eye as she waves her hand to greet us, especially Roshan.


After a long journey through deserts and carnival heats, we all plan to have some rest. And what better could be a place to rest than a Coastal Beach all surrounded by hot girls in bikinis. We just interrogated of the nearest beach on the way and directed our car towards it.

Within 30 min, we reach a cyclorama coastline and the next moment, we were standing in the middle of the beach. While the others were planning a motorboat ride into the sea, Roshan on the other hand, thought staying out on the sand to be a better idea. This time our naughtiest Romeo was sitting dead missing new girl. So we decided to get out and spend some time consoling him. We drive our car to a near hotel so he won’t feel lonely away from the city life and his girl.

Luckily, we get a big, 4 person room in an intermediate budget hotel. While carrying our luggage to the room, we kept on irritating Roshan but it all went in vein. He was still drained into the sorrows of that small town bar girl who now reigned his heart and soul. On reaching the room, we keep our luggage aside and just fall over the beds, planning how to bring back the old Roshan and also the lost drollery of the trip. Sumit tries the same trick we used in our hostel rooms. He takes a rajai and covers Roshan’s face with it and we all begin to smash him with punches and legs.
Roshan, being a powerful drunk (who now was heavy hearted as well) just pushed it all along with the rajai and Sumit falls back on the electric lamp placed on the table.
Lovprit: Be careful. Someone might get hurt.
Roshan: Let it be. We’d aid it up later on.
 Roshan comes back in mood, takes the rajai and starts attempting over Lovprit. We then start attempting it on each other, not worried it could injure someone. All we now cared about was the endless drollery we were undergoing this very moment.
Moments later, a burning smell diffused all-over the room with smoke floating unto our knees. The very next moment, our room was on fire. It all started with the fire buglings ending up to a-foot tall flames.

Roshan: You did it, Sumit. You fell over the lamp.
Sumit: Ya, but it was you to push me over the lamp.
Roshan: I didn’t. Lovprit did it.
Me: Shout down. There’s a water container behind the luggage, somebody go and get it.
Sumit rushes to the luggage and returns with a brimmed one.
Me: Don’t spill it, that’s a fuel capsule!!!

But it was too late to stop him. There rose a huge flame of fire in the room and soon the entire room was on fire. Sumit then returns with the water tug and started spilling it on the fire when the entire thing was burnt to ashes and even the last support stick had fallen. Soon, the fire officers got control over the hotel-turned-ember, but we were dragged into the cop vehicles.


Next moment we were found blocked and constrained in the lockups, congested into a single cell. That night we had to sleep afar from the comfortable and luxurious cushions, on a hard platform and adjusting in a single rajai, pulling from each other.

Roshan: What’ll we do now? There’s none we know here.
Sumit: The entire trip is ruined.
Lovprit: There surely would be a way out.
Roshan: We’ll have to pay the hotel men as well if we wish to get out of this mess.
Sumit: I have a few thousands with me. Is there some way we could get out?
Me: We need a lot more bucks, Dhull, to be set free.
Lovprit: Ya, but what if we could somehow arrange to get out of here and arrange for paying the hotel?
Sumit: That’s a fine idea, but who’d talk to those dumb policemen, to trust us and set us free?
Roshan: I’d talk and try to convince him.

We don’t know what he did but somehow he managed to convince that nonindulgent cop but we were all very happy.

Me [while getting back into the car]: What did you say him?
Roshan: First promise, you won’t be raged.
Me: Ok.
Roshan: I just handed over the car keys to him as a mortgage until we could arrange for the money.
Me: Beep… beep… beep…

Lovprit: Where to head further?
Sumit: Back home, where else?
Me: Let’s get back on track guys.
Sumit: You serious? A moment back, we were all locked up in the police station.
Me: So what? This is where our road trip stands, overcoming all our fears and getting forward.
Lovprit: I want to bungee jump!
Me: Buckle up guys, let’s put some more miles to our monster. And here we go…


This is my idea for a perfect road trip written for Indiblogger’s ‘The Perfect Road Trip’ Contest.