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Bdae Bash

Friday, June 28, 2013

 28th June

O haan bai Shapateyo and Shapatano… good morning g saareyan nu… hor fer ki haal- chaal ae sb da??

I became Lord Krisha on Janmashtami day at a local temple
Me keha g- Happy birthday to me! Today marks my 21st year of life on beautiful and sometimes crazy planet. No actually, I’m not 21… I’m $20.95; plus the Tax crap! It feels great to be officially declared an adult now as we may now do anything we wish to and even marry the girl we wish to spouse up with. But in real, it’s not that great actually.
I’ve never been one of those people who despises birthdays because of what they stand for – getting older. Instead, I like to reflect back on the previous years and reflect on what they have taught me. Every year I learn more and more, and to me that is one of the best things life has to offer – looking back and realizing how far you’ve come from where you once were.
Today I begin my 22nd journey around the sun by watching ‘Jatt and Juliet 2’. Trust me, it was an exceptionally hilarious movie and you should surely go on for it if you are OK with a Punjabi movie. That was for me and my buddies; and here’s something for you all:
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Vodka is cheaper
Than a dinner for two

So here’s my treat for you guys. Beer with a combination of cupcakes for you all (you are free to order anything you wish to; everything’s up on the rocks for those who matter).

Here are some of the messages I got as my b’day wishes that I’d love to add to my precious glories:
Dad- “Many- many happy returns of the day. Zindagi ka hare k pal apko dher si khushiyan de. May God enlighten your spirit with showers of His love!”
Roshan- “Happy Bday, love. May God give you a lot of flowerish happiness from His vast spread aromatic garden.”
Annie Di- “Hello Nanu! Call you later. Happy b’day dear. God bless you.”
Jasmin- “Haaappppyyyyy bdddaaaayyyyy arishhhh.. Many many happy returns of the day…and achieve great heights… God bless!!”
Namisha called me 10min late. She rang up at 12:10 AM just to wish me happy b’day.
Daisy Mariposa wished me 5 times since morning.
Apologies to those still left unmentioned.

As I clicked through some of the posts I wrote over the past year, I reflected on how far I’ve come since my 20th birthday. So much has happened over the past year. A lot has changed, but in many ways, so much of the good in my life has remained. It isn’t always easy, but every effort is certainly worth it. I’m very grateful for my family, friends and of course all of YOU! (My love, my support, my readers).
Let me tell you something about myself. I’m a notorious kinda guy; always ready for some mischief and irritating others. And at times, I thank God people can’t hear what I think. I love laughing and bringing the same to others.
With my life experiences, I have learnt that no life is without hurdles and one should learn to confront life with a brighter perspective. Always think the other way round (I mean the crazier way). Just for an example, “I named my dog ‘5 miles’, so I can tell people I walk 5 miles every day.”

·         Here are some things I wish to do before I die:
·         Make the one fall in love with me, whom I loved
·         Tell my parents- thank you
·         Sing loudly
·         Sky diving
·         Just wanna hug out with my family
·         Help a person who needs me
·         Ski
·         Get rid of my fears
·         Underwater diving
·         Etc. etc. etc.
From years, I’ve learnt that none stays, all are for their selfish needs. Only parents are the ones who deserve your love and trust. But, life’s too short to be sad. Every day we lose yet another year from our lives. I have already lost 21 non-renewable years of my life and I don’t want to end the remaining by the same monotonous schedule waking up, getting fresh, breakfast, going to work, getting back from work, doing household work, dinner, go to bed, and the cycle continues. And the inertia of my life is pushing me ahead, not allowing me to stop and enjoy the wonders of the present.
Never forget this day is the oldest you’ve ever been, but the youngest you’ll ever be again. Be helpful. When you see a person without a smile, give them yours. A heart that loves is always young. Live for others.

Today I write this post making a promise to all my readers, fellow blogger friends, and everyone who approaches me. The words written in your memory, I can hear them. Your crystal tears are worth millions, so don’t drain them uselessly. I don’t promise to solve all your problems. All I can promise is a helping hand, a shoulder to cry and a heart to trust, until you get rid of your mess. And you know what, pretty faces look good only when they own a smile on them… otherwise, they are just beautifully crafted sculptures.
When you need to feel special, think of us!!

A cOnClUsIoN of LiFe by Me- “Maana k ye bhalai ka zamana nai ae… but dad says- don’t follow others…:)