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The Lady in Red

Monday, May 13, 2013

The lady in Red

Wandering by the alley, espied an eye my eye

In scarlet cape with beaut beyond skin-deep

Those lowered eyes, her beaut did fortify

As weapon of bounty visage thy keep

Maybe of allotment, the reverend beauties

For untuck’d her hair, the wind that ruffles

Millions of hearts thence lose their beats and

Lovers besiege in murmuring babels

With elixir at thirsty tips flow’d apace

And Lo, the shrine ‘twixt thou lips

Thy step who prompts the world to race

Thus reduced men ov’r hovering hips

With each turn ye took, Seasons ensue

After maiden the world being tacky

Moon veil’d over thy beauty left immured

Throbs the Satan ov’r daintiness set worthy

Aristocrats queues for sight and espouse

Bust the poet; who he for love indicted

But what essence thy be, of fancy arouse

The golden possession, in instance, whited

And yet with goddess, be more delight

As life she belied, with happiness alight.

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