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A Spirit's Demise

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I lost my Chachi (Aunt) a few days back. She was a holy soul. She had 2 kids, a daughter in class 10, and a son in +2. This is an Ode to her; Love and Consolation to my lovely cousins.. May God give them strength to bear such an unendurable pain..

Being with you was like a blessing
A tough, enduring lady, a naïve being
Though we never had any good talks or memories
Now left with grief and staggered journeys
And shattered, your grimace be incomprehensible
Your dignified demeanour and a hearty laugh
Now rest in silence as life goes on..


Your suffering of cancer finally vanished
Exanimated; laid there hospitalized
You tried so hard to hold on
The battle you fought was long and hard
You finally have victory over miseries

You'll be remembered every single day
From your smile to the things you'd say
Inhering in the heavens
With God, seraphim, and my mom
Yes we all know that we need to be strong
But, in our hearts, your memory will live on

She closes her eyes as I wipe her tear
She just keeps wishing you were still here
He closes his eyes as I wipe his tear
He just keeps wishing this pain would disappear
Leading them to a lifeless life all awry
The mourn be same even after years glide by

 Tears have fallen, hearts where drained
An angel in HIS home is now attained
I close my eyes as I wipe a tear
Your husband, parents and kids worldly unaware
All of your love they will always hold near
In their hearts, they'll never be alone Dear

I still can't believe over your death.. your face, voice, your humble gestures are still alive in front of my eyes. God bless your soul. May you rest in peace.

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