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A Spirit's Demise

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I lost my Chachi (Aunt) a few days back. She was a holy soul. She had 2 kids, a daughter in class 10, and a son in +2. This is an Ode to her; Love and Consolation to my lovely cousins.. May God give them strength to bear such an unendurable pain..

Being with you was like a blessing
A tough, enduring lady, a naïve being
Though we never had any good talks or memories
Now left with grief and staggered journeys
And shattered, your grimace be incomprehensible
Your dignified demeanour and a hearty laugh
Now rest in silence as life goes on..


Short Poems 03

Saturday, April 27, 2013

To the one I Love

You resembled the one I witnessed in my dreams
In the core of my Heart
And my conscience recognizes you
'cause you aren't a stranger
You are a bit of my soul....


The Dark Within

It isn't about what arose in the past
or whats gonna shed in future
that has no meaning now
when there's none to share it with
its all about what I've been for long
there the moon lids wide open
and here's my life like Silhouettes
someone's surely anonymous
but still with an identity of his own
with Satanic thoughts against my own being
still lost in mist of those dim memories
the same path you left me crawling at
and the canvas blank again..
searching you in twilit alleys
with not even a ray of you