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A Poet's Hope (Sonnet)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

“In black ink my love may still shine bright.”
William Shakespeare

Those prolonged nights, invincible thus far
Cometh grow’st by the cloven of ‘We’.
Thou being mine and the world purely our(s)
With each trice spent when enamored of thee.

Deliciate thou whisper sweet nothings
Snuggled with glee, bonded, never forgo.
Love inscrib’d as forever engravings
Sorry but to see ye yearn ember blow.

Lurking in shadow, thy return it craves
This canst be verge of mine in thine play.
O Wil Shakespeare, though unparall’d thou staves
But lov’st of mine be impalpable all way.

Divine my love, will bring back salvation
With thy flow, booz’d unto destination.

The Love in Your Heart wasn't put there to stay,
Love isn't Love till You give it Away..


  1. .................."it craves" ..

    crave is a crucial part of hope...

    "But lov’st of mine be impalpable all way"
    this line creates a sudden hiatus..
    gave u a pause to think a little more deeply
    narrations are quite pretty...

  2. Seems like you have already analyzed the entire composition...thanks for spending tym!!

  3. that comment is surely worth an inspiration...thanQ...:)

  4. hmmm.....stuff yourself up you are going to quill some enigmatic notions for me i hope i'm understood...its just bcz i found u better in these British expressionzz of poetism than me:(..........

  5. m always there fr help/...tu bs goal complete kr..hope m understood!! haha

  6. thanks Zubin...just checkd ur link...lovd ur clicks..!! carry on..!!

  7. Intense poetry that was ! you write exceptionally well !

  8. Thanks Maliny for that stupefying compliment....:)

  9. thanks buddy...:)

  10. You have been nominated for Liebster Award, here:

    Congrats! Keep up the good work :)

  11. Lovely.
    But I wonder why you had to use the Old English words like thou and ye.

  12. very nice one

  13. Thank you Sir..

    The major reason for using Old English is the feel of the language. I feel it really poetic. Moreover, Shakespeare's sonnets were the one that inspired me for sonnets..just a kind of guru-dakshina or something...:)

  14. Thanks Sudha! Its my first Liebster..and m honored to receive it from u! and congrats to u too!!!

  15. vth in an yr i vl get it done buddy
    that is ma promise and its not solemn one:)
    m taking ur words as and nasty criticism and
    its emphasis my emotions towards the my project"

  16. Beutiful poem. I am still to get over the hang over i induced through this poem. Write a plenty...

  17. thanks alot neo....glad to hear that...:)