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An Adjective of Eradication

Monday, March 25, 2013

An Adjective of Eradication - My iDea for iDiya

          With a grin on face, rambling across the road; bemused in thoughts and hands consumed with a huge pack of tea and a large tank of cooking oil. A rickshaw following me, carrying crates of sweets and fruits. It's my b'day and I'm overjoyed, not for the party, but for the celebration; celebration with the ones bereft it! I'm on my way to Goudiya Mathh, a commune comprising hundreds of hapless people living in a small enclosed area, supporting each other throughout their lives. It’s the homage to those rejected by the society. Some of them are beggars, cobblers, leather workers and so on…

          Long back when my dad first took me there, I was dumb enough to ask him the reason why we spend so much on the ones we don't even know. It was a question that changed my way of thinking forever…

         He replied, “Life will never be what you expect of it; neither will it be convincing always. But leading a helping hand to those in need will not only render serenity and calmness, but a confidence to tackle all the hurdles that come your way. Then, you'll know what it is 'to be for others.” I was left stunned by his answer. That day I realized it isn't the aesthetics of a person that resembles his status, but the ideation he possesses. Its 15yrs now and I never missed a chance to visit there; neither do I need to be reminded anymore, be it a b'day or some special occasion or even my mom’s barsi.

A Poet's Hope (Sonnet)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

“In black ink my love may still shine bright.”
William Shakespeare

Those prolonged nights, invincible thus far
Cometh grow’st by the cloven of ‘We’.
Thou being mine and the world purely our(s)
With each trice spent when enamored of thee.

Deliciate thou whisper sweet nothings
Snuggled with glee, bonded, never forgo.