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Our Final Farewell

Saturday, February 9, 2013

You always were the dearest of friends
exorbitant; and full of self esteem
spreading sunshine, your alluring trends
eager to make up with this dream!

You encouraged us to dare
your inspirations in minds will hover
loved us and showed you did care
sadly, off which, we all won't recover

A hope in mind that you flourish,
an angel's blessing full of love,
that's been our only wish,
for our sweet and charming dove!

One last thing is yet to say
success, love, prosperity and a hopeful ray
for we all do pray
be always covering your way

Though, finally you'd depart
taking all with a heavy heart
we'd never forget your profound art
with a promise of never being apart...!


  1. Its really nice, the flow is really good.

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  3. Beautiful flow! Liked the ending stanza...beautifully written!

  4. Time marches on
    torturing silently the
    rest of our days.