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Voice for Damini

Saturday, January 5, 2013

I wanna live some more maa
A few more breaths
Some more moments with you

I wasn’t a toy of sands
Wanna let them all catch this
They say God’s hand is above all
Then why it happened under his grace?
I’m going away from you all
Will never return being daughter’s soul

Mom had a dream of prince for me
In Palanquin, will take me with him
Will see her dreams shatter before her
When on bro’s shoulder will lay my bier
I wanna be with you maa
Still wanna live some more maa.

My smile made you so glad, dad
Will now cry remembering me always
His hug filled with warmth
Who’ll hug him when he’s sad?
I wanna hug you before I leave paa
I wanna live some more paa

My bro during his daily sleeps
Hideous, will cry for me
Bro, a sis has to leave for now
But take care of thousands of others
Who suffered like me
It’s time to sleep now
Take care of yourself and of others

Though you will burn me
But the scars will not, maa
They aren’t on body, but the soul
I have to break away inapt
But don’t let them go maa
Coz I wanted to live some more maa


  1. Heart wrenching poem!! They killed not only her but also her beautiful dreams :(

    1. hmm....something that shouldn't have happened...:/

  2. Heart rending saga depicted poetically. just as Sri Valli said, it wrenched the heart.

  3. a perfect tribute to the courage ! dipped wth anguish

  4. Nice poetry touching a chord in my heart.