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Resolutions 2013

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Last year all mess went rotten
this year I will be better.
Here are some resolutions
I will follow as a life setter:

I won’t be afraid to begin
even when my feet toddle
'cause hardest is to step IN
rest is just a kindling model.

Accept things i can't change
leave past to where it belongs
not use it as an excuse to
work out on today's wrongs.

I won’t run behind others'
stay true to path I chose
beyond negative rhetoric echoes
living a life I'd be proud of.

I won't ruin my love to surds
take responsibility of relationships
be true in deeds rather than words
bring affection even in friendships.

Though overwhelmed life seems
at times, how small it feels
but I'd make a difference to seals
help change one life's reels
'cause some lamps awaiting heals...!!

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