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Voice for Damini

Saturday, January 5, 2013

I wanna live some more maa
A few more breaths
Some more moments with you

I wasn’t a toy of sands
Wanna let them all catch this
They say God’s hand is above all
Then why it happened under his grace?
I’m going away from you all
Will never return being daughter’s soul

Mom had a dream of prince for me
In Palanquin, will take me with him
Will see her dreams shatter before her
When on bro’s shoulder will lay my bier
I wanna be with you maa
Still wanna live some more maa.

Resolutions 2013

Last year all mess went rotten
this year I will be better.
Here are some resolutions
I will follow as a life setter:

I won’t be afraid to begin
even when my feet toddle
'cause hardest is to step IN
rest is just a kindling model.

Accept things i can't change
leave past to where it belongs
not use it as an excuse to
work out on today's wrongs.

My last plea

And so i leave, with love for you
the land we reunited
by the pile o pyre
as the lamps expire
with me smiling, as usual
and sadness furrowed deep
the feast is yet to come
with a memory
remembered forever
what about having a kiss
that'd never die ever?