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The True Meaning Of Christmas

Thursday, December 27, 2012

                                         And here’s December once again
                                       With it, all joys of Christmas sustain.

Window lights and cards in mails
Hanging stockings and snowball assails.

Woodsy wreaths and gifts lying below
Merry wishes to the passerby you know.
This isn't what Christmas meant longtime
Or has the eve changed with time?

Looks as if the day needs to glory renew
None remembers it had deeper meaning too. 
It is to celebrate Christmas morn
When God’s only son Jesus was born.

World turned blithesome with birth
Peace to men who of his favor’s worth.
His crucifixion befell for all our sins
Dwell Him to heart where redemption begins.

A holy plan that reconciles back
To our loving Father up the track.
That’s the way to celebrate Christmas
‘tween Heaven and Earth, He’s isthmus.

His Kingdom be our home one day
If we look at Christmas a new way.
This is the year to reside Jesus within heart
Only then could a 'Merry Christmas' start.

Christmas ain't a time or spell
But state of mind I do tell.
To cherish peace, care and goodwill
To be plenteous in mercy and love until

You know to have the real spirit of the Season
Lest we forget, Jesus Is the Reason…

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