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The Fraudulent Reality

Thursday, December 27, 2012

I see thy beauty with a heavy heart
your dual faced angels act so smart.
Here people born are nothing but fake
with no face, just a mask ablaze.
Need not care of the comrade buddy
running reckless for end so bloody.
O yes, though beautiful they may seem
appearance, talks, to you may gleam.
The reality still hidden from none
our heart they win with the rising sun.
Nature's reality atlast they reflect
removing mask, to you they reject.
Those fake faces please nomore
saw alot left with none to soar.
As i travelled all o'er the sphere
with a heavy heart of bitter tear..


  1. This one is really good n caught my eyes.. moreover , I liked the theme and appearance of your blog .. would sure like to get some knowledge about how to apply those features on my blog also.

  2. thanks...:)
    which features are u talking about??